When will the EV crash happen?

Thought we would have see when people think EV stock bubble gonna burst? :grin: :innocent:

the crash will happen on 25th march 2022


Oh first bet in, I was gong to go for Feb/March 2021 a year earlier than you, but perhaps your right that it will be held up for longer.

:joy::joy::joy: lmao lol :joy::joy::joy: ahhahaha

I think it will be on 30/02/2021


Whenever they set it to self drive and let go of the wheel


There is an ancient EV secret, according to which, EV type stock only go up. :rocket: :moneybag:


Have you held onto your position in NIO? Or you already said bye bye?

This might be an interesting read for y’all:

Yo guys! When is the smartphone bubble going to burst. It’s seen a huge rally since 2007, don’t see it continuing much longer. People will get bored with the hype right? We’ll just go back to using 3310s in 2025.

Edit: Just to carry the analogy forward (although I’m sure many will disagree with the comparison):

GM = Nokia
Ford = Blackberry
Tesla = Apple
?? = Samsung (Floor is potentially open here)
Nio = Huawei


Bursting bubbles only means that you can buy into them once the dust settles!!!

CIIC looks good but waiting for it to lower a bit more before diving in.

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I get your point but EV stock price and EV’s as a use case are very detahced right now thats was my point with this thead, it is resembling more crypto investment when you look at who is investing and the hype/memes around it. EVs will do well but its both not meaning wont be stock price bubble nor that early adopters win.

The early dominators don’t really feature now, what if Apple of EVs hasnt got started yet? Just something to keep in mind as Tesla might be the main one in 10-15 years, but no guarantee as EV use is low right now.

Also this thread is lighthearted look at EVs, but yes I am steering clear of owning any EV company for now (other than through index funds of course).

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?VW = Samsung

Probably right, I think VW very strong so when they move into EV properly could be a slow burn but then will be big player.

It is true that TSLA has paved the way for other EV stocks. TSLA was depressed for so long because of it’s execution risk. Now that has all but disappeared. There is still high levels of execution risk in the other EV startups which isn’t being priced in because it is assumed they will overcome the risk like TSLA did. However this difficulty is underestimated in my opinion. So yes I do agree, there are some EV companies that might have an over inflated price. Not the industry as a whole.

Edit: TSLA has been at this for over 15 years. And only just turned a profit in the last year. There is a huge under estimation in the difficulty.


What is the opinion on Arrival? Seems that the big players like BlackRock are backing them and they have been around for at least 4 years.

Their USP seems to be micro-factories and assembling EV Buses and Vans at a 3rd of the time over other EV Companies.

British Firm as well.

Who’s getting rocked by the Chinese EV drop? I need a shoulder to cry on or share my sorrows with them.

I’m down big time…and it’s gonna continue for a while.

What happens if they get delisted. Does 212 sell at that price automatically?

Last time delisting happend, I believe T212 made access to OTC possible so people are not forced to sell.

Anyway doubt delisting happens due to political reasons mentioned in all press.

Only if there are fraudulent activities. Like that coffee company.

Happy to see BABA dip even more to buy.


If delisting passes, there still be 3 years period.

Haven’t noticed Lucking Coffee having 3 years period.

If you are talking about political bill, that is just fear mongering. More chance to win lottery without buying ticket then delisting bill passed.