Argo Blockchain - AGM - Voting

Hi 212 Team,
The AGM for Argo Blockahin is coming up. Will you be providiing a voting mechanism for this vote:

Details can be found here and they list sample instructions for brokers to set this up.

Hey @Scott :wave:

We’ll do our best to accommodate the event, however, for the time being, we have no confirmation of it within our intermediary. We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops further.

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Thanks for the response. Hopefully IB will be participating in this and as such we should get a chance. Please let us know eitherway. Thanks

Any news from IBKR? as voting closes for Voting from brokers tomorrow I think from reading this Tweet from Argo:

The voting is now available. :ok_hand:

Eligible holders of Argo Blockchain PLC (ARBK) will receive an email with a control number and link to submit their vote.

Hi @Bogi.H
I appreciate the response and solution, however were ARB:LSE shareholders not eligible for this tho?, as my investment is on LSE not the ARBK:NASDAQ instrument.

It’s probably too late to sort out now, but would be good to know the answer to this for future votes and my own knowledge. Surely this should be available to #ARB retail shareholders on LSE?


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There isn’t an available voting event that our provider offers for the LSE listed instrument. If we had such an option, we would do our best to provide access to the event for shareholders of the LSE listing.

Hi Bogi, its a shame IBKR didnt support the action on the main LSE listing. Dont suppose you can request this on behalf of your customers for any future votes on #ARB please?

Thanks for the response.

Hey, @Scott - generally speaking, if an event is unavailable through our provider it’s because of one of the following (most probable to least probable):

  1. The event hasn’t yet been officially confirmed.
  2. They are yet to make it available on their platform.
  3. They don’t offer access to the event at all - in which case we can’t specifically request such.

In this particular case, there wasn’t an officially confirmed event available for the stock’s LSE listing, hence the reason we couldn’t accommodate the voting.

Nonetheless, we’re actively working to optimize the process and provide access to more voting events down the road, so stick around :handshake: