LSE:ARB (Argo Blockchain) price not updated in the app

Morning @David and @Team212

The market’s been open half an hour and I can see the ARB price and chart are yet to update and reflect the correct information.

Can someone address this urgently please?

Many thanks


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Coincidentally I actually just added this as an example in this thread


Thanks Phil - I knew you were on this already - I just didn’t know in which topics. Cheers!

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Well it’s only taken me most of 2020 petitioning, a couple thousand pounds lost, about 20hrs of my time on chat, 25+ support tickets, and a formal complaint.

But I’m glad @David has acknowledged the issue and taken it to Bloomberg.

I was going slightly crazy at support staff when they constantly dismissed it as low liquidity or started trying to teach me what spread is, or telling me AIM was launched on 19 June 1995 as a “solution”.

I’m hoping it can be fixed. :pray: :crossed_fingers:

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I haven’t personally been impacted by this until now. Couple times with GGP but I’m more relaxed abiout that one as holding LT.

My biggest bugbear, and the thing I’m always on the chat about, is the delayed updating of price and charts after any large amount of activity in after hours / premarket… gone 10 minutes a couple of times waiting for an update. And as much as I try to reduce the number of occasions that I find myself wanting to enter/exit a position in the first hour of the market open, there are exceptions.

Actually hoping today might be one of them (swing on STPK) :wink: