Argo Blockchain PLC - Minimum Trade Quantity

@Dao yes that is potentially true right now. But the prices of shares tend to change…

Also, 10 is a multiple of 1 :+1:

Just wanted to point out that 10 doesn’t always rescue you either (6.98 x 10 = 69.8).

Also, by your logic T212 should do away with most fractional shares. Especially ones with a low dividend payout

@Antidev It’s now 1. :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much @David :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anybody’s trades on this go through? How long does it take to go from “pending market buy” to execution? Tried this morning twice and cancelled both now…

Mine always go through eventually, I’ve had to wait hours on occasion though. Maybe it’s a liquidity issue.

Yeah mix of liquidity issue and that’s SETSq auction explanation I guess, just weird as other AIM shares on Freetrade I’ve bought go through instantly and never take hours. Think maybe because it’s routed through IB and then they route in again is why these may take so long, who knows

Super frustrating… repeatedly tried buying in the low 14p since my post, my pending order just executed this morning at 16.5p.

Order execution on these stocks needs to improve.

I ordered AAZ yesterday, another AIM listed stock. Mine also went through this morning. Maybe there is a common issue.

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AIM shares are defo a weakness with T212 from what I’ve experienced, and read in this forum. Another thread atm that confirms this thinking is this one:

I am trying to buy Argo Blockchain shares - 1600 of them,
but it doesn’t seem to be going through, any idea why? its been around half an hour probably,

Do let me know,


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@ssjabid I have moved your question to this thread.

The main issue is that Argo Blockchain trades on SETS . More info can be found below:

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My order this morning went through OTC.

Have another one pending, let’s see if it makes it in the 11am auction but I highly doubt it.

This stock has momentum right now and I want(ed) to get it with a bit more margin of safety than I am now though I plan to hold for a while.

Edit: filled at 11:11am whoop! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Pretty much my view when I started buying back in Feb. But I took my eye off the ball as I did not realise we had some of those other miners on T212 smh.

What other miners are available on T212?

Marathon and Riot. I’ve done pretty well out of Argo, but Riot blows it away.


This is insane, as in insanely good returns wow:

Might have a rethink of whether i should add Mara and Riot to my BTC ETP & Argo holdings.

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Yeah had this exact same issue, messaged T212 about it and was told I should remember I’m trading real stocks…which wasn’t super helpful. I understand the issues with AIM/SETSqx but it is frustrating, also my concern is what happens when you go to sell and it takes hours and the price has dropped?

Yeah I think that’s where margin of safety comes into it. Plus I am counting on this stock becoming more liquid/less volatile as it grows in valuation (multibags :crossed_fingers:) so hopefully selling/buying should be less of an issue over time.

That’s my thinking exactly. I’m fairly hopeful it will. They seem a solid company, I have a small position but for the potential want to add more but margin of safety as you say.

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Check this out :dollar: