Argo Blockchain PLC - Minimum Trade Quantity


LSE:ARB currently has a minimum trade quantity of 250. Is there any chance you could reduce it to 1?

isn’t that like 6.9p per? wouldn’t 10 minimum make more sense to avoid overpaying the 0.1p?

edite: just checked the chart and it seems to always value to 1 decimal place, so 10 would definitely make a sensible minimum purchase.

It depends on the focus.

1 is better because I can buy 10… or 9 or 147 or 1. 10 isnt necessarily a magical number, its just the base system we are most familiar with.

But more relevantly 1 is best because although the share price is 6.9p right now. That might not be true forever. Forgetting fractionals for moment, all shares should be available at 1 as that is in general the unit of ownership/vote regardless of price.

But I’m patient and happy with T212s service and so don’t mind requesting a min trade reduction a single stock at a time. In this case, for ARB to reduce to a min trade of 1.

it will inevitably drop to 1 regardless, but as I see it in the short term it may make sense to not go the full way. if you don’t purchase in multiples of 10 at the current prices, then you are just overpaying for some of your shares and losing out on some money every time an odd number is purchased, which accumulates the more purchases you make.

not so bad if you only make very occasional purchases, but if its your go to stock to spend your leftover free cash every time the price drops a bit more, they add up to additional shares you could have bought.

@Dao yes that is potentially true right now. But the prices of shares tend to change…

Also, 10 is a multiple of 1 :+1:

Just wanted to point out that 10 doesn’t always rescue you either (6.98 x 10 = 69.8).

Also, by your logic T212 should do away with most fractional shares. Especially ones with a low dividend payout

@Antidev It’s now 1. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much @David :slightly_smiling_face:

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