Can't set stop on PTON - price too far away?

As title, really.

Current price: 136.47
Trying to move stop up to: 123.25

Saying price too far away. What to do?

Can anyone help please?

I’m trying to sell some of my holding but can’t until I deduct that portion from my existing stop order first. Of course I can’t do that because of this message. And I don’t want to cancel the stop order completely in case I can’t set it again.


you can only do one or the other. you will have to make a choice or sit on it :man_shrugging: T212 might be able to adjust those limits some, but they can’t let them go too far either.

Thanks, @Dao.

D’ya know why?

T212 can only place so many pending orders through IB before they aren’t allowed to make more and pending orders made too far from the current value can affect the price of a stock and has historically been abused to artificially cause volatility that can be exploited. the result means there is a limit to how far away from current value your pending orders can be made at.

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So I should be able to set a stop limit order then?

Thanks again.

if you temporarily reduce the range to where it will let you, adjust out the amount you want to sell and then keep changing it back as the price moves towards your intended price you can keep some form of order active, you just can’t keep it at the same price until the gap decreases.

Again, thanks for your help - this can be hard work at times.

Is there some rule of thumb we can apply for this?

I have to increment it $1 at a time until it gets accepted; it’s a pain. And it forces me to have a tighter stop than I need.

It’s only on this one stock I have this issue with.