ARK ETFs - Top10 compilations ๐Ÿ“ˆ

After I copy a pie, will any updates you do based on ARK changes be reflected in my copy? or is it that once I copy its set at whatever the weights are at that time and any changes I have to do.


An interesting interview with Arkโ€™s Cathie Wood in Bloomberg TV:

Hi @Deepwinter. At the moment pies are copy only. If the original pie is updated your pie will not update. You need to do that manually.

Whatโ€™s the best\quickest way to keep up with the updates? Sell everything, delete the outdated pie, import the new one and then buy? Itโ€™d be great to have some sort of pie versioning in the app :sob:

I tried to plug on a video dude, have you notice your top one has been reset today?

Hey! Yeah I canโ€™t find my ARKK pie, itโ€™s even saved and not showing up in the saved list - has the same happened to yours?


Yup, I was trying to log through on my channel but your links even stopped working.

Actually, any of the links are opening :thinking:

Been tinkering with ARK holdings hereโ€ฆ maps to T212 availability and T212 ISA-eligibility etcโ€ฆ auto updates daily etcโ€ฆetcโ€ฆ It was a quick hack, donโ€™t judge me. Hope it helps

I accidentally bought into Nintendo (NTO) instead of Nintendo (NTDOY). Will it make any difference? Should I sell NTO and buy NTDOY? Why does it exist as two stocks?

Thanks for all your help :raised_hands:

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NTO is on the french exchange afaik.

You could always just import the ARK Pies straight from T212 app.

@treeba Iโ€™m interested in hearing how you manage these. Do you have all pies in Invest? I see ARKG is fully available in ISA, but obviously that could change depending on which companies ARK decide to add in the future.

Are you rebalancing each week? I was thinking of only rebalancing on either big changes or when they add/remove holdings.

How does it work exactly when I rebalance? Do I have to manually go through each holding and change the percentages myself? I guess soโ€ฆ It would be nice if you could import a pie over an existing one to change percentages automagically.

Yeah I have all the pies in invest currently :slight_smile: Will probably create ISA versions sometime soon (theyโ€™re already on the spreadsheet).

Iโ€™m rebalancing each week yeah, just personal preference, I wouldnโ€™t recommend this for everyone.

Currently yeah you have to change the percentages if you want to keep up to date with the pie, hopefully 212 allow users to follow pie changes in the future :slight_smile:

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Below is the top 10 positions of all 5 ARK ETF(ARKK,ARKF,ARKQ,ARKG,ARKW)