ARM - Lets bring it back to the UK

Understand, but Softbank have been battered largely due to the US market/sentiment on China with their Alibaba holding in particular. I tend not to reward naughty people. :smiley:

I hope it does list on LSE for geo diversification but let’s face it this has Nasdaq written all over it.

@kali any thoughts on this you our resident super semi oficiando

This was an interesting read. Arm’s flotation on Nasdaq ‘a huge potential blow’ to London:


Reading updates to this one. Is it ever going to happen?

I may have to save up to buy a big position in this Company!

The truth of the matter is… when arm lists on NYSE the valuation is going to be so stupid and outlandish. They will list at a crazy premium lining the pockets of SoftBank. Arm will get a nice cash raise. The amount of money is going to be so crazy LSE would only dream of those numbers.

However from there over the years the valuation is just going to fall because of the outlandish price and it will be an embarrassment.

For longevity they should list on LSE. The public, pension fund will all get behind it. If they need to raise money, the capital will be readily and easily raised well into the future and will be sustainable well into the long run. Why be big fish in an ocean, when you can be a shark in a pond

There is nothing stopping a dual listing. It’s simply the primary listing which is probably more concerning out of principal.

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