Referrals disabled?

Hi all,

I wonder if referrals are disabled? The “get free shares” option is not available on my account, or my friends account as mentioned here Invite Your Friends, Get Free Shares – Trading 212.

He joined yesterday after I told him about Trading212 and just now I released I could have referred him…

Do you guys know anything?

Many thanks

Are you from the UK or one of the handful of valid countries?

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I am from the UK, and so is my friend.

And under settings yours starts at Manage funds?


When did you sign up to Trading 212?

The link appears only for accounts activated prior to 11.01.2021

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I’ve had my account for a few years, but never wanted to refer anyone until yesterday. I was wondering how to send my referral link but I could never find it.

And yes

That might be why. I had only used CFDs a few years back, the investment side is new to me and it recently asked for my ID again. This is likely why the option isn’t available for me.

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