How to Refer a Friend

There is tons of articles online about how to refer a friend on trading 212 and revive a free share
To be honestly I’m not to bothered about the free share but about the fact that I can’t see a refer link anywhere I’m just wondering was this an event of some sort or am I just not looking hard enough
Thanks hope I posted this in the right place

  1. It’s only within a certain list of countries a check whether you country is listed in the terms
  2. I’ve noticed I only have it in my invest section of the app and not the ISA, so check there

Yeah it’s only invest that has it
And I’m from UK so maybe that’s why

did you make sure to register with UK set as your region?

Unfortunately it’s not there
Does anyone know the promo code ?

The “Invite a friend” promotion is available only in: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria or The Netherlands.

I am on the UK
Don’t know why it doesn’t work

I’d suggest deleting the screenshot above since your email is visible.

As of the missing link - you have to fund your Invest or ISA account first, and then you’ll get the link.

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Could you please allow that to be changed to you name only, would’ve so much handier