Price Differnces Between T212 And Actual

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I hope you’re well and I hope i’m posting this in the right place! I have a question relating to Pirelli & C Spa. I noticed this stock had crashed due to the out break and was trading at USD 14-15 before the market collapsed. I opened a position and thought i’d get in on the recovery leg but after looking at other sources have realised this stock actually never traded in reality above the USD 4-6 range.

So my questions are as follows:
Why is there a price difference on the T212 platform and will this stock ever recover to the previous t212 price of USD 14.00 or will it now track the actual market price of USD 4.00 or so?

Thank you and I hope someone can help!


Are you talk about BIT: PIRC ? It’s not on the invest/ISA but looking at it on Google yeah no where near.

If it’s $14-15 then it’s either a different stock or the routing on it is wrong and @David should be able to help correct it

Have a look at the image buddy and many thanks for your prompt reply!

I’m just a customer like you, but yeah I’m agreeing it should be that price. If your order has gone through at $14 then it’s wrong mapped to a different stock and one of the staff at T212 should be able to fix and reimburse.

Hi Phil thanks; I had actually placed buy orders at where its at now in the hope it will climb back up to the previous t212 high at $14 but it seems in reality its never traded that high on the open market?

Ah so you didn’t buy in at $14, so not a routing issue.

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 17.29.12

It could be the chart data was updated but rare as it’s a well known stock I’d imagine so lots of people would have had similar issues.

No thank God but i wish i’d sold haha. Definitely a current chart; take a look:

Thats showing 5 years of it at that. So not :zombie: :mask: related. :sweat_smile:

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 17.35.08

I know but according to the chart theres been no movement for two years…

very strange and maybe a bad investment on my part!

Max on Google is showing Oct 2017. Overall trend doesn’t look good. :neutral_face:

Checks out

Yes saw that and thanks- i’m going to ride this one out to recover losses i think!

@Abid If you look at the dates, you’ll notice the €14-15 prices are from 2015, right before Pirelli was acquired by ChemChina & delisted. After two years of being private, they went public again in 2017.

The information can be found here:

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Def shows that it’s worth doing a tiny bit of DD even on quick plays.

Looks like they had been on forever.

listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1922

And then got screwed around with five years ago, and now ChemChina own 45% of it.

In March 2015, it was announced that Pirelli shareholders had accepted a €7.1 billion bid from ChemChina for the world’s fifth-largest tyre maker

You would have thought it would go up recently from the trend of biking but I’m guess most average riders have no clue when it comes to tires and fewer cars on the road and no motorsport at least until August. It looks like 2019 was rough on them before all the Corona kicked off.

I love trading 212 but this is one of the pitfalls of relying on only the charts at 212 for decisions. If your going to pick something up take a look around and see what you can find about the companies.

Investor reports, companies financial statemebts, Moody’s Ratings (if available), Hargreaves Lansdowne profiles (they do a VERY good job at collating documents and news related to the companies and occasionally have HL guidence that they issue all of which is free), Broker Forecasts (tho be wary that it’s trust worthy).

All of these are things that you should look at when deciding where to place your capital. A quick look at Google finances overview of the company would have quickly tipped off that something was not right even without all that.

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