% at close (example AAPL) -✅ Fixed


has anyone an idea why there’s a different % at close in the app vs. the internet?

Trading 212 (2,93 %)

Yahoo: (3,00 %) https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/AAPL/

When I open apple and see the last candle of yesterday Im seeing 115.39 close.

T212 is the best “ask”.

The yahoo is the “last trade” instead (which could be either a buy or sell).

Again. The % at close is making no sense! @Team212, any ideas?

Trading 212


@libreus Thank you for taking the time to ping us about it.

Our tech teams looked into it and did found an issue with the calculation of the percentages.

Thanks to your mutual efforts the issue has been fixed and should not give out inaccurate results!

:clap: :pray:

My pleasure. :+1: Thank you for making the platform better day by day! :innocent:

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