Price changes shown in Instrument details

The US market is 25 minutes open and the price of V is up on yesterday’s close. But the info says down. Is there a rule-of-thumb as to the time of day that the info first becomes accurate? Or do I misunderstand. Perhaps these are prices changes since yesterday’s opening price?


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Hi @Richard.W, we are aware of the issue. It has the same root cause as this one: Bug with price percentages?

We are working on a fix.


What is it actually that the “wrong” percentages are showing? At least if I knew that then it would be useful information of a sort.

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It’s just an outdated value. I don’t believe that you can extrapolate something useful out of it until we fix it. However, it was just fixed :slight_smile:


Yeah! I suppose it is a consolation to see my stocks down by just 2%, not 10% in a day.

Painfully I’ve seen these decreases on my portfoliio the last five days
Mon -2.4%
Tue -3.2%
Wed -0.1%
Thu -3.7%
So far today -2.3%

Down 15%.

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(Shouldn’t there be an issues/bugs forum for this?)

This fundamental issue is still ongoing 9-months later. Please see images.


Still out-of-whack. I think it corrects itself at 9AM

Actually, it 9:08AM and it’s still wrong (at least for LLOY).

TradingView: up 1.22%
Google: up 1.17%
T212: 0.78%

@MikeC Hi. This is not an issue or inaccuracy. Publicly available sources like Google, Yahoo, or TradingView use the last trade price when calculating daily % change.

Our Invest & ISA service’s default chart price is the BUY price. We calculate our % change using the said BUY price which is different than the last trade price, that’s where the discrepancy comes from when comparing with other sources.

Thank you, @David.

Can I ask what’s the difference between trade price and buy price?

Google’s stated price right now for LLOY is 37.70
Its daily change is: 1.36%

T212’s SELL price is 37.68
T212’s BUY price is 37.70
T212 spread is 0.2 difference

T212 daily price change is 0.86%

Even with a spread of 0.2 that’s still a bit out-of-whack.

I think you need to remember that Google price is delayed.

Last trade can be a buy or sell.

Buy price is best price at which shares are currently offered to buy.

Thanks for making the distinction @Richard.W

Google is fairly up-to-date if you refresh the page but I could equally pick TradingView and see a similar difference.

I don’t get it, how can the candle be green when the daily-price-change is displayed as negative?

TradingView has PTON (Peloton) up 4%. But 212 down 2.45% (time of writing).


OK so I think I’ve figured it out: it’s the price-difference since yesterday’s close, NOT the daily price change (ie, the change from today’s opening price).

This is confusing, if right; can staff confirm please?

Taken just a moment ago. You can see the price is now above yesterday’s candle, and (the price) is positive (and green).


@MikeC That’s correct.

For context, previous screenshot, a couple hours ago…


So now (time of writing), the candle has dipped below yesterday’s close yet it’s green and showing a much higher % value, even though the price has come down since the previous image.


Now I’m back to not getting it at all. :confused:

So how does that correlate with the previous post (above)? It doesn’t make sense (maybe I’m being thick).

Thanks for merging, BTW, @David

I’m not trying to troll here but at the risk of repeating myself, this doesn’t add up; even mathematically.

Using a calculator:
Yesterday’s close: 117.99
Price today in image: 118.76
Price difference (actual): +0.77
Percent change (actual): +0.652598%

From the image:
Price diff: +7.87
Percent change: +7.10%


Am I right, am I wrong? Please explain like I’m 6-years-old.

@David @George @Someone

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