Market data, how stock price change is calcuated

Regarding INVEST platform interface, any idea how the percentage change of the price is calculated for specific stock? (the value marked on the attached screenshot) Is it a difference from current price and what exactly, the close of previous day or anything else?

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 17.46.10

It is the change from open, it does not take into account premarket gapping

It should be the % change from the previous day’s closing price.

I agree that should be the change from previous day close. On Trading212 it is a kind of lottery and sometimes it shows something different. Please take a look at the attached example, Trading212: 32.52%, other market sources (Bloomberg etc.) 8.26%. Really confusing and making data not reliable…

I have the same question - not really sure what the value represents until the markets close, when it appears to then finally show the % +/- change since prior days close.

It’s really misleading and makes it extremely unreliable when evaluating the stock movement throught the day. Does anyone know if this is a bug?