Dividend cash not in Pie


I recieved the AT&T dividend today, however as it is not in a pie (and was when ex dividend) i assumed the cash would appear in the pie, however it hasnt (pie still shows 0.02p cash) but has added to my pot of cash outside pies.

Is there a way to get it that cash is in the pie itself?


is your pie set to reinvest dividends?

No, its set to manual, but I had assumed the cash just sits in the pie unless I withdraw it to main cash fund.

I hope this helps you!

Ah ok, odd that its just a tiny note at end about this. Shame there isnt option to keep in the pie, anyway I will just have to keep track myself. Easiest thing would be if can just DRIP into itself as individual stock but until then I will manually reinvest.