Auto dividends reinvestment

Some Americans platforms like M1 have a feature to auto-invest the received dividends.
It may be more complicated to implement than some regular features, but it is really the most useful and awesome thing for long term investors.





How soon end of 2020 ?

@ivan Hi, would this work for US stocks also?

so it’s march, what does it look like with DRIP support? :slight_smile:

Probably it will be bundled in the AutoInvest release from next month.

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I thought about this just now. Definitely going to be a nice feature!

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Hey, any update here? Looks like it again was not released :frowning:

This is all part of major release, one doesn’t work witbout other, so it has to be released in bundle. Otherwise doesn’t make sense.

I’m not currently using the pies as I’m still diversifying my investments. I do want the auto-reinvest option for my portfolio though. Can’t there be a setting for dividends to auto reinvest into whichever company provides them? To me this is the most logical method for compounding returns.


Has there an update on this? From what I remember when the pies feature was released it was mentioned that a classic DRIP feature would be added.

As a side, it would be great if we could have a time-line of features being worked on. There is something like that on Freetrade and is really informative.