Stock drip function


I was wondering if there are plans to add a drip function. I know theres is autoinvest with received dividends but this funtion invests in your entire pie. Im looking for a drip function that buys the stocks that you received the dividend from.


Yes and regardless if one has created a pie

a short-term solution is to have a solo-pie that contains only the individual stock that you want to reinvest in.

There is mention of DRIP in current terms & conditions.

21. Dividend Reinvestment

21.1. We allow for dividends on stocks in your account to be reinvested and it can be done automatically if you instruct us to do so. Dividends on stocks will only be reinvested in the same stock where the dividend originated from. Instructions to reinvest dividends will not be carried out if your account has been suspended or restricted by us in accordance with this agreement.


So it seems to be matter of reaching out to T212 and instructing them to enable DRIP for eligible stocks.


Good idea. I muddled around with a pie in order for the autoinvest function. I found it all little fiddly so I de-pied my investments. Dividend reinvest would be a good function.:+1:

Sorry for the late reaction. I think this could/ should be a bit easier.

I agree, but as it stands there is single stock pie option or reach to T212 support to manage DRIP.

I have not seen timeline for possible DRIP feature in app, so might be weeks/months/year before we see feature introduced. :slight_smile:

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