Auto invest transfer fee?

Hi guys, following the email from 04.01 T212 will charge 0.7% on deposits from debits cards. I’d like to know if T212 team will create a exception for auto invest as that function is a long term (10 years in my case) that I don’t want to worry to make a bank transfer and then invest in the pie every week in my case. Is something to do in that case? My bank is ireland but I open my account in Malta as I’m living here for the moment.

Merry Xmas everyone!!! :santa::hugs:

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Would also like to know. Is there a way to make the Autoinvest do a bank transfer automatically?

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+1 Would also like to know this. Auto invest is a great feature compared to other platforms. Can we have an option to autoinvest uninvested money, that way we can fund our accounts periodically with direct debit from our banks.

Yeah I would love to know the same too. Autoinvest would just be so helpful to work with standing order transfers as I invest into my ETF’s regularly once a week. Really hope Trading 212 officially release some info on this.