I've a genuine and much needed Pies/AutoInvest request

First of all Merry Christmas everyone - hope you are staying warm and safe!

Now, after T212 has pumped up minimum pie investment to be 1.00€/£/ from 0.2€/£/ (a 500% increase!! - I was honestly expecting it to go down to 0.1€/£/$) and has also introduced fees for card/instant deposits (which I understand mostly) BUT without providing a viable alternative to ~80% or majority of its userbase (non-UK)!

To alleviate some of the problems and other existing problems with Pies/AutoInvest, I put forward these requests on behalf of the community, to be given first priority:

  1. Offer instant bank deposits as funding methods for Pies and normal deposits, think for example SEPA Instant Transfers (takes seconds to complete, upto 15.000€ can be transferred in one transfer, no limits and no fees), Open Banking for EU clients, and iDeal. All are viable and cheap options for both clients and T212.

  2. When we are investing in to Pies, using the User Defined Funds Distribution, why is the Pie minimum funding threshold used? What if I want to invest only 1€ for one slice. The minimum should be then 1€ when I want to invest manually using user defined investment distribution. Right now, I have to go and compare my pie holdings, each one of them separately and invest in them separately using the non-Pie interface and then later import them into their pies and it takes me hours literally, I’ve 10 pies. Please remove this threshold and bring it down to 1€ when choosing user defined funds distribution while investing in pies manually.

On a side note, a good number of my investment are spread around pies, would be nice to see which pies is one investment part of when we tap on it.

  1. It’s been a year since @Vedran and others requested fractional LIMIT and STOP orders, even with some timelines, it didn’t arrive. While we all understand this year has been crazy, I hope we see advance fractional orders real soon!

CC: @Team212 @David @L.D @Wit @noop


Direct deposits for both auto invest and ‘manual’ invest, so to speak, would be brilliant. So much better than via debit card with the risk of data leaks and card expirations etc.
I’d add that the ability to set recurring automatic direct deposits annually would be a helpful simple addition, as the maximum is currently only six months.

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