AutoInvest - Feedback


I created Pie. Has few holdings and preset weightings.

After created, I go edit Pie, change weightings, I modify, Save. Nothing happens.

Nvm took some time to update… can you verify this is intended behavior? Set weigtings dont get modified right away, there is certain delay in reflecting on pie holdings weightings.

Someone please try adding STAG, for me it doesn’t find this stock when creating pie although you can find it during simple search

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Stag is not fractional. Only fractional shares can be added to pies.


I’m glad creating your first pie was fun for you :slight_smile: To answer your questions:

  1. The pies run on value market orders. Those orders support higher precision.
  2. This might be a visual glitch. We’ll take a look, but prices definitely should update in real-time.
  3. We’ll bring functionality for history export later this yes. As for the copy/pasting issue, we’ll solve it easily ASAP.
  4. For more precise allocations you can input the target value using the keyboard. To do this tap on the value itself. Maximum allowed precision is 1 decimal space. The minimum target value is currently 0.5%.

Great. Got it!

  1. Here is what I am seeing. Everything is white. Except finally now I see BLK valued £0.99. My pie is worth £9.99. The other 10 holdings are still £1. But I guess the explanation is that none of them has moved more than 1% since I purchased.

Trying to create a pie with my REITs in it.

  1. Create Pie
  2. Search “MAIN”
  3. Click + symbol behind Main Street Capital
  4. Search “DX”
  5. Nothing found…

DX isn’t fractional. You can only add fractional shares to a pie.

That is the only non fractional share I own. I wonder why it isn’t fractional.

Not all shares are fractional. If you go to settings, trading preferences there is a fractional shares toggle. If a share is fractional there is a small blue F icon on the instrument badge.

Yes, since you are investing 1 pound per holding you need a whole percent change in order too see a difference of 1 penny. But please keep us posted if it this is really the case :slight_smile:


Yes I know… But it should be a fractional share.

Didn’t know that,good to know.


First feedback:

  1. It is not possible to view company/stock details (performance, financials etc) by clicking on it’s name
  2. Avg Annual Return figure is shown clearly only when in [Edit Pie] mode. Could it be shown in the [Holdings] tab as well?
  3. The colored bars that make up the pie circle chart are useless if you can’t click on them and filter for the positions that they represent.
  4. Please add a virtual stock entity called [Cash], so that we can decide to, for example, hold 10% of our pie as Cash
  5. [Autoinvest] tab - it should be possible to edit goal here
  6. [Autoinvest] tab - “initial deposit” is no longer visible after the function is enabled for the first time
  7. [Autoinvest] and [Overview] tabs - swap Value projection from [Autoinvest] tab with [Overview]: ‘Your Goal’. It would be more logical this way
  8. Pies within pies, please
  9. When clicking [Rebalance], you should get the [Fund Distribution] option method (By targets, Self-balancing, custom) choice
  10. When editing pie to add instruments it should be possible to see user made lists and pick items from our personal made lists.
  11. More variery in pie icons would be nice
  12. I didn’t see a [Pause] option - are we supposed to achieve that by toggling the [Autoinvest]?
  13. Deposit schedule: weekly/monthly - it should be possible to choose more than one weekday/monthday. I.e. to have autoinvest trigger on Monday and Wednesday, or on 4th 7th and 13th day of the month.
  14. Names of some holdings do not display fully (i.e Vanguard FTSE Developed…). Also, no ticker/market is being shown.
  15. Can we have API endpoint access (GraphQL would be awesome…) so that we can monitor/manage our 212 holdings externally?
  16. in my ISA account I have tabs for [Investments] and [Pies]. Would be good to have an [Overall] tab view that combines positions/results from both of the Investments+Pies tabs.
  17. Can you add a historical chart like in [Portfolio] view that shows pie performance over time?

When I look at the holdings within a pie they are displayed in what appears to be a random order, neither alphabetical or in the order I entered them. But maybe they are listed in order of value - except that I cannot see that, since all are valued at £1.00. The differences are occurring in decimal places I cannot see. The fact that AMZN comes top and BLK bottom shows these have gained most and least since I bought. Is that how holdings are ordered?

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It looks like they are ordered by target % in descending order.

All my investments have the same target %.

Now practicing a sale. Perhaps I want to delete the ABBV stock from my pie. I have £1 ABBV but it lets me set up this. Should I be able to set £2? Shouldn’t the app only let me set as much as I have? What will happen if I confirm. Will it sell all my ABBV or tell me I do not have enough stock and then sell nothing?

It appears as an issue specific to the Android interface. The slider shouldn’t allow you to go above £1. It won’t let you sell £2 since you own less. We’ll fix the slider in the following update.

Here is the same scenario on my iOS device:
I am trying to sell Fr100 of my pie, and since I own only ~Fr60 worth of Realty income its slider is limited to that amount.


Just created them :muscle:t2:
Didn’t play around yet… creation was fine, the interface isn’t that comfortable on an iPhone 8, I would prefer to manage this on web later on for sure.
I got a moment of hesitation when first searched a stock and the + button was confusing at first, if it was the usual add to watch list interface or add to the pie.

So far so good :blush:


Been waiting ages for my screen recordings to upload to my computer to make the video on this :roll_eyes: worked flawlessly for me first time, I’ll have a closer look at how it works over time. Hope you can get STAG fractional so that I can get all my holdings into my pie!