AutoInvest for ISA accounts

I just got notified that my BET auto invest is activated. However, it is not ISA account. How can I enable this for ISA account?

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It should be enabled for both accounts. Is your app updated to the latest version. If yes, try restarting the app just in case.


@Santy I had the same issue, but George’s suggestion fixed it. It now works.
Thanks @George.

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Thanks, I can see now

Is the autoinvest beta not available for android?

it is, I am on android. those able to access the beta so far however are chosen at random in a sort of small lottery. soon all those who applied should be able to give it a try, but it’s just a phased test so the team doesn’t face too many possible issues at once.


Oh that makes sense :joy: Thanks for letting me know

Mb a newbie question: what does ISA stand for?

Individual Savings Account. It’s a tax free account, only relevant to UK resident taxpayers.

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