AutoInvest - Getting started

@George is this something we can expect near term or end year/2021?

Is the BETA available for everyone or is it invite?


So far Invite, with random 100 selected. Soon all who signed up for beta will be invited.

Didn’t even know you had to sign up :joy: is it still possible to?

There should be link somewhere in the original beta for autoinvest thread. Near top or shared withing topic again…

We don’t have the answer to that yet. Allowing migration very early might be a very risky decision as Alex mentioned. :slight_smile:


Hey @George thank you for your answer,
I must say I did not understand how it will work.
for example I have 35 holdings, among them DIS with 5% allocation.
if i’ll add all my holdings to a new pie it will keep the % allocation the stock has in my portfolio, right?
for now using the pie is kinda of “useless” for me as I already own shares and only want to grow them.
Or i’m missing something?

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I think this article will be very helpful to you:

Each slice in the pie has two key metrics - Target % Weight and Actual % Weight.
Target - what you set as your desired weight for each slice
Actual - the actual weight of the slice which varies depending on the performance of the investment.

Importing more shares of a company that is already in the pie will impact only the Actual weight of its slice because its value will jump.

Importing shares of a company that is not yet in the pie will require you to “make space” in the pie to accommodate the new slice. If you want it to be 10% of your pie, you will need to reduce the targets of other slices by 10%.

Does this answer your question?


I have now signed upto beta on play store so guess I have to wait for next update for this function to go live?

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you sign up to the beta via the link in original thread, not via the play store :S


Hi, @George am not seeing the pie feature on my account.

You’re ready to go. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Are pies available on Android? I can’t see this feature

Hey there @Gurukungfu,

Can you check your messages? I’ll send you a DM :slight_smile:

Yay!!! Thank You :slight_smile: :heart:

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Can’t wait to try this new feature.

Finally we have something like M1 finance in USA and we can have pies and autoinvesting.

@L.D, can you please add me to the beta ?

Thank you kindly, :partying_face:

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You can sign up here:


Hi I received a notification that the autoinvest beta has been activated. But the app is still the same as before. I can’t see the new feature. Kindly guide me pls thanks

Make sure app is updated and try restarting your phone