Pies within Pies ?

Will you be able to create pies within pies similar to m1 finance. Im waiting for this before i start using pies to i can allocate stocks to diffrent sectors


Yes. That is on the roadmap, but no firm date as to when it will appear.


Any news on this subject please ?


Would also be interested in knowing if this is on the horizon (~October) or looking towards more of a Christmas present?

Great job already guys! I think after nested pies, you guys will have a product you can be more than proud of


what’s the point of pies within pies? the subpies will be sectors? any other benefits?

its just about control and accurate weights in a set-up that is as hassle free as possible. Like running your own private ETF. Pies inside Pies will allow people to sort their holdings and to adjust them according to their planned ratio for that sector. Long -term investment approach, say 5yrs+ to dollar cost average the whole portfolio and invest where the best returns can be made.


thanks… I see. I’m a simple man so I guess I don’t need it for my simple portfolio.

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Sectors, asset types (stocks, bonds, REITs, etc…), cap size (large, mid, small…)… This would allow people to diversify their risks really nicely


@George any news, as to when we can expect ‘nested pies’ resp ‘pies within pies’ ?

Really looking forward…


By the end of the year or earlier.


OMG such a long wait… :frowning:

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Is this timescale for beta or for full release?


@George Any updates on this?
Can we still expect it to be released until the end of the year or earlier?

Thanks in advance for your responce!

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we release Pies within pies by the end of the year.

is it still a feature that will be added down the line?
And if yes, when approximately can we expect it?

Yes, we will definitely add it. I’ll post an accurate estimation as soon as we start working on it.

So glad to hear that! This will be the reason i’ll move from manual investing to the pie auto-invest option. It will be a huge boost to organizing someone’s portfolio by section, and then by company.

Looking forward to hearing news on this feature asap!

Have a nice day @George, and thanks again for your quick responses and help!

Pity to hear that…we are anxiously waiting for this function !

Honestly i believe the foll 2 Functions are really needed:

  1. Reporting/Export - for Tax-return
  2. pies within pies

Otherwise i think you guys pretty much nailed it already…there is loads of other things on the wish lists…but those are really essential !

Would really appreciate if you could assist/speed those up



haha - I’m checking this page so often!

Once this features comes - my investments will just be on auto pilot!


Having a neat lookout over your portfolio?