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The first option. Dividends are reinvested like a normal deposit into the pie.


Well done, can’t wait to set my pies! And btw, nicely written and explained!


Thanks for the answer. Maybe in the future you can make that an option.

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Signed up for that:) Great Feature

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This is amazing. I just moved from another brokerage that had conversion fees and withdrawal fees and was in general pretty bad. Trading212 is simply amazing. Thanks for the great work you are doing. I can’t wait to try out pies, exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Yes, we have thought about adding different reinvesting modes one of which is ‘Reinvest to source’. Or even an option to ignore specific instruments when reinvesting.


@George since we cannot move our existing holdings into a pie. In future will we be able to merge our current holding with our pie holding?


@George. I have a question. Is the pie a different place than the original invest category or can they be shared. For example i own shares now in 13 companies and when the update arrives i want to create a pie that will contain different percentages of those companies 13 companies. Can I “transfer” the previous bought shares to the pie calculator or do I need to buy them “Brand new” to be included in the pie ?


It seems no at beginning.


Awesome, this feature just made me switch from my old broker to Trading212!
Two questions, hope nobody has asked them before:

  1. Are you planning on being able to create sub-pies at some point? For example: 80% ETFs, 20% Individual Stocks, where both slices are made up of pies themselves? That would make diversifying larger portfolios quite a bit easier!

  2. Can I rebalance a pie by buying more of underweigthed slices, slowly over time? I prefer not to rebalance by selling, to avoid taxable events.

Thanks for this awesome feature! Great work!


@Vedran Oh , Thank you :slight_smile: . Guess in the begining I will just smell the pie and not fully dive in eating one it seems

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Does this not mean that EVERY stock will have to be fractional shares? Since you are allocating a % to each stock.

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From what I understand, yes. Pies will run on fractional shares.

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Hi @Tomas, very nice questions.

  1. Absolutely! Nesting pies is something that we will most certainly implement.
  2. When you contribute funds manually you will be able to chose the distribution method:

I believe self-balancing is the option you’re looking for :slight_smile:



  1. The re-investment of the dividends, will this be done during the autoinvest interval (e.g. maybe I set this to once a month) or immediately at payout?
  2. If I autoinvest 100£ and get a divident of 5£, will I invest 100£ or 105£?
    Thank you

Yes! Yes yes yes yes!! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! Thank you a lot, Trading212 team!


Both scenarios are possible.

  1. If you AutoInvest £100 and during the current investment cycle you have £5 of dividend income in your pie it will be swept along and you’ll invest £105 in total.

  2. If at any time your dividend income exceeds £10, this will automatically trigger an investment event by itself.


Thank you, George! Will the 10£ be adjustable?

Guys, this new feature is really amazing !

Congratulations for releasing it so fast, I’ve been eagerly awaiting it since the announcement :slight_smile:

I’ve signed in for the beta using the link, can’t wait to test it out ! :smiley:

Thanks! So glad that there’s finally a European broker with pies, I’m really looking forward to using it!