AutoInvest - Join the BETA

Cash ready, waiting for lift off :rocket::sunglasses:


The anticipation for this update is insane. Looks amazing… can’t wait to organise my portfolio with it. Amazing work guys

@George you have done us great harm .

from the play store to the forum from the forum to the application again from the beginning for any news . All time …

I’m very impatient.


It’s an opportunity to exercise patience and perseverance which are very healthy traits for any investor. :slight_smile:


@George You are right, they have mentioned it a little above.

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It would be cool if the rebalance is not fixed to a date on the month. Better would be if the stock for example drops bei 5 % than it buys it automatically. You know what I mean? So you always buy the dip and not at a date…


I can smell something coming (it’s not what you think)… in just few more hours :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I think that’s too difficult to automate. The whole point is to help cost averaging and automation of investing. And to be honest, it will buy the correct stocks. Say you have a 50/50 portfolio of Apple and Amazon. Apple increased 3% this month and Amazon decreased 1%. The auto-investing will automatically buy enough Amazon to get it back to 50/50, and then the remainder will be equally split. Therefore the companies that have fallen behind, as long as the pie is roughly perfectly balanced, will be bought, and that should effectively do what you’re wanting. I think it works pretty well.

If you want the control that you’re asking for your just basically asking for manual work. The point of the app is to make investing accessible and free to everyone, and with that should be a simple to use, clean UI. And I think cluttering it with complicated questions might put off new investors, and that’s contrary to the philosophy of Trading212.

I guess if there is demand for the feature after the release of this version, they could maybe add an “advanced settings” tab where more competent investors can add their own requirements? That might work well, and will keep it user friendly.

Edit: didn’t realise I wrote an essay there, sorry about that lol- was just trying to explain my point of view :woozy_face:


Wouldn’t the best time be an overlapping time window such as 15:00 to 16:30 when the EU and US market are both open at the same time, and also a time window that avoids initial market open swings?


Hello. That was me on boards :slight_smile:

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I feel like I agree that avoiding the big swings as the US market opens is probably smart, it’s really not very representative of what the value of the stock is when it could easily swing +/-5% in the next 30 minutes (assuming it started as soon as the US market opened)

For comparison purposes, this is typical of brokers who run autoinvest programmes. I know that Interactive Investor and AJ Bell also buy for clients at a time that is usually within the first hour of trading after market opens. When it has been done for me I have compared the price obtained to that which I might have bought at later in the day and been as oft pleased as disappointed - which is what one would expect. Perhaps there is a reason T212 are proposing to do it this way and someone from @Team212 can explain their thinking so we can understand the rationale.

I agree. I think 10AM ET or 3PM ET is a better time for Autoinvest from US stocks.

I wonder if the Trading212 gods will look kindly on us today and release the beta?

Progress update:

Today we’re submitting the AutoInvest code to the app stores. The review process usually takes a day or two, depending on how fast Google and Apple handle it. This means that at the beginning of next week we’ll be able to activate the beta.

However, we feel the right decision is that we take another week of extensive testing and during that time we’ll be activating the beta only for internal accounts.

Even though Alex hinted end of the month as a starting point for the beta, I hope you understand that AutoInvest is a very complex feature and we prefer to deliver a stable version 1 week later, rather than rushing it just to avoid missing a deadline.


Totally understandable!

Better released with minimum bugs than unstable.
Keep up the good work

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From April, to May and now to June - I think a lesson learnt is to always give a handsome buffer after the expected launch timeline rather than playing with user’s feelings.

Of course, we want bug free features, but at the end of the day it is a BETA! So why not release it?


Thank you for the update and transparency! :+1: It’s understandable and I am looking forward to getting my hands on this feature.

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I would like to address the questions and suggestions about the AutoInvest time window.

Why we decided 8 AM local time - our (already live) recurring deposit feature executes the transactions at that time. AutoInvest will use the same payments infrastructure and will also transfer funds at 8 AM local time. We did not see enough value in implementing an artificial delay between fund transfer and investing. Intraday market fluctuations get averaged out in the long term and should not be a concern.

That being said, changing this is no big deal for us. If we see enough people requesting it we will reevaluate this decision and switch to 15:30 GMT.