Pies specific history

The ideal feature would be an ability to buy/sell specific stocks like mentioned here: 2024 most wanted features - #116 by bobbicka

An alternative would be more activity tracking in relation to the pies. Currently pies don’t show specific history. I was thinking a not very convenient alternative to the above feature would be creating duplicate pies like “Q1 2023”, “Q2 2023” and then you could sell those off and maybe the transaction history would be treated as acceptable proof for tax purposes (at least for FIFO, I guess stocks currently don’t show if you sold them for a loss). Currently this doesn’t happen. Today I moved a bunch of old stocks from a pie and sold them but there is no activity record that says “Exported 20.2 stocks Today” that could be correlated with a “Sold 20.2 stock Today”

I’ve mentioned pie specific activity would be useful before but for another reason: I have pies for my nephews and “Imported 5.2 stock - 02/02” would make me know I didn’t missed a planned payment

It was mentioned in AutoInvest - Known issues / Fixes / What's coming up as upcoming but it’s no longer possible to comment on that thread. Any ETA on it @George?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, @bobbicka :pray:

There’s no ETA, but we are working on introducing a history tab for Pies specifically. We’ll share more on this once we’re closer to the release :raised_hands: