Autoinvest order execution time

Hey with a pie I’m wanting to set it so it auto invests daily but I’m curious what time it places the orders.

As they’re all market orders it seems sensible to avoid that initial spike/drop when trading opens googling seems to give some times like 10-12am and 2-4 pm kinda thing as being more stable.

So yeah what time does auto invest trigger and can we play with it?

Hey there @Tefal, :wave:

AutoInvest triggers at 08:00 am in your time zone. The pie will be funded and all orders will be placed.
If at that time any of the markets is closed, orders will be executed as usual - after the market opens. :slight_smile:

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I believe the team said you’ll be able to control the time for execution in the near future. Is that still being worked on?

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yes, it would be great to have such functionality

This is definitely in our list with upcoming functionalities.

At the moment our focus is on higher priority features and functions, but it is definitely something we’ll be working on in the future.


Ah great thanks. Was just curious guessing the ups and down even out over the years?

I’d like to add that my primary interest in execution time control is getting lower spreads when both LSE and US exchanges are open :slight_smile:


It has been 3 months? Any update on this feature?