AutoInvest - Join the BETA

I wonder if the Trading212 gods will look kindly on us today and release the beta?

Progress update:

Today we’re submitting the AutoInvest code to the app stores. The review process usually takes a day or two, depending on how fast Google and Apple handle it. This means that at the beginning of next week we’ll be able to activate the beta.

However, we feel the right decision is that we take another week of extensive testing and during that time we’ll be activating the beta only for internal accounts.

Even though Alex hinted end of the month as a starting point for the beta, I hope you understand that AutoInvest is a very complex feature and we prefer to deliver a stable version 1 week later, rather than rushing it just to avoid missing a deadline.


Totally understandable!

Better released with minimum bugs than unstable.
Keep up the good work

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From April, to May and now to June - I think a lesson learnt is to always give a handsome buffer after the expected launch timeline rather than playing with user’s feelings.

Of course, we want bug free features, but at the end of the day it is a BETA! So why not release it?


Thank you for the update and transparency! :+1: It’s understandable and I am looking forward to getting my hands on this feature.

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I would like to address the questions and suggestions about the AutoInvest time window.

Why we decided 8 AM local time - our (already live) recurring deposit feature executes the transactions at that time. AutoInvest will use the same payments infrastructure and will also transfer funds at 8 AM local time. We did not see enough value in implementing an artificial delay between fund transfer and investing. Intraday market fluctuations get averaged out in the long term and should not be a concern.

That being said, changing this is no big deal for us. If we see enough people requesting it we will reevaluate this decision and switch to 15:30 GMT.


Thanks for the update. I think this will bring a lot more new investors to the platform too. Some of the more experienced investors I’ve spoken with who are used to more traditional methods can’t believe what is available to us now for free. Great work guys!


Reason for why majority of software producing companies/vendors dont provide timelines, due to people complaining, instead of looking at big picture.

I applaud T212 transparency, ofcourse it can always be better and more transparent, but given how industry is run, rarely anyone who provides deadlines meets them, especially in challanging time like this.

Not just Covid19, but also historical growth of user base. All of which are challenges to keep platform up and running.

Anyway Kudos to T212 team. Not jusy the frontier folks @George, @AlexK, but remaining trench folks :wink:


While I have no problem with 8AM local time, may I suggest if there is a need to change it that its made configurable in settings? That way everyone can have a sensible default and others can change the time to suit. Everyone is happy.


I believe if users could configure the buy time then everyone will be happy!


You can always count on being patronized by someone “who knows better”.

While we were “playing with your feelings”, we also went through the most extreme market conditions in our lifetime, while onboarding hundreds of thousands of new clients who saved tens of millions in commissions with us.

We had to scale our systems to handle loads doubling every few weeks and we hired about 60 people. All that while 100% of the team has been locked at home, working 12+ hours every single day.

We are not looking for excuse and we understand that running an open community requires a thick skin but there’s a limit to the s**t we can take.


Let´s get AutoInvest out first and then T212 can amend it to suit user feedback. It will not be perfect first time, but at least we can use it in the meantime :smiley:. Lets see how their internal Beta testing goes.

I think the AutoInvest feature is very good, regardless of the time at which is buys stocks.

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Great job guys! Very happy with the platform, you’re making investment so simple and free and I think for young people like me it’s a huge chance for us. Very well done for that feature, can’t wait!!


Everyone can do a manual “auto-invest” this month and wait more fews weeks for the beta activation… take the time needed for this guys… doing things properly is much better than doing things first :wink: #SteveJobsFeelings


@Laguiar, very true :smiley:

Here’s to the crazy ones. Those who want to program their pies.

*This is NOT coming soon and you were not supposed to see it.


Now that is interesting!

Love this slap down, needed saying, T212’s done a phenomenal job over the past few months and good things come to those who wait.

PS Please make MercadoLibre, ServiceNow, Lumentum and Illumina fractional soon, else you’ll hurt my feelings too :joy:


Totally agree with you. I also eagerly await this feature, but know very well that if (big) bugs happen the same guys pushing now will be the ones to complain. So I support the decision to give it one more week.

@AlexK I know @David mentioned fractionals will now have priority (from this week forward), but I just want to reiterate how important they are now that Pie is so close. It would suck to have the Pie ready and missing tickers.


Ladies and gents, after experiencing very slow order execution 2 days ago, my position is that I totally agree with T212 to test everything very well before releasing anything. I really don’t want to stuck with my orders loading again because of the new release. Yes, I also would love to use the pies and autoinvest, however the reliability of the platform is the most important. And I agree with @adriantc that same people who push for the release date might be the first ones who will complain if something goes wrong.
I repeat myself: the RELIABILITY is the KEY.