Pie & Autoinvest Questions

Setting up my pie and autoinvest and have a few qs:

  1. If I set up my autoinvest for say the 30th does this mean the money is deposited from my bank account at 00:00 on the 30th and then the market order is sent to buy the stocks on the opening bell of the 30th (opening bell of following working day if 30th falls on a weekend)?

  2. Why am I unable to set the intial deposit to 0, my pie has 3 stocks and 1 ETF all of which already have funds in so I don’t need (another) initial deposit just the recurring monthly deposit

  3. I would like to have the funds already held in aforementioned stocks and ETF to be included in the pie, is there any way to do this without selling these investments and using these funds as the initial deposit when I create my pie?

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  1. If it’s the 30th the funds get taken/deposited at opening bell of LSE on 30th and value orders immediately placed (my experience)

  2. Tap the number and you can backspace and change it to ‘0’ (@George another feature please, slider going to zero on auto invest)

  3. On iOS if you sign up to the beta you can import these holdings into the pie (not sure outside of beta as I’m running beta)

  1. Thank you!

  2. I didn’t sign up for the beta, just went on the app today a few hrs ago and it asked if I wanted to make a pie. At the moment it says minimum initial deposit is 3£ and won’t let me create the pie if this condition isn’t satisfied. Hopefully the team can change this to 0.

  3. Similarly, as I’m not on the beta (but like the official autoinvest I’m guessing) this import feature isn’t available I don’t think. Again hopefully the team will be able to roll this out.

Is a way to import a pie for someone? Sample(if I’d like to import the pie below):


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