Self adjusting pie ? 🤑


I have a (possibly dumb) idea that needs opinion from the community. Would it make sense for a pie to re-adjust itself the percentages of individual instruments (periodically - every X secs/mins/hours/…) to maximize profit? Basically, I want the pie to automatically increase the share of the stocks that are most profitable (by %) in that pie at that instant.

Example: Let’s say, I have 10 very good, reliable stocks in a pie all having same share (10%). If at some point, 3 of them are skyrocketing/performing extremely well, I want the pie to increase their share automatically while decreasing the others.

Mind you, this is not rebalancing as in that case, you’d have to sell some of the stocks to balance others. Here, I don’t care much about rebalancing… rather I want to maximise this pie for profit. If even only 1 out 10 stocks in that pie is making profit, I’d want the pie to allocate more share to it.

It’d be nice to have this feature as a toggle so that we can enable/disable it whenever we want. That way, if for sometime we allocate more shares to some growth stock in a pie, we turn it off again to get back to the pre-defined %s.

I don’t even know if this’d make sense…just a thought :slight_smile:

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:robot: :pie:

Some sort of robo pie? “Robo make me money” :moneybag:

I’d say that would make T212 servers explode. Also it sounds like trying to “time the market” which apparently is a very bad idea. You’ll probably lose in the long run. However if the feature was available I’d probably give it a go for a week or so!

Currently it’s not possible to change targets automatically and without user’s consent. This is because of the same bureaucracy limitation that prevents us to do self-balancing auto-deposits. We have a plan to make it happen, though.


Do you have any plans to release your own T212 pies that you can subscribe to?

Say a “Tech Pie” where you are managing the stocks/ETFs within it?

You could have a risk level 1-5 from safe pie to risky pie.

Absolutely, yes.

1st stage - pie sharing
2nd stage - the ability to copy somebody else’s pie into your portfolio
3rd stage - pie following
4th stage - pies managed by our algorithms


@George Or how about a group pie?

You join a pie group and you get to vote on whats included and what percentage?

That way you can collectively invest together and everyones :brain: to use.

A bit like proquant. You can see how well its done historically and roughly what kind of return is expected and how risky, maybe even have a little chat inside the group

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I hardly have any doubts for its technical feasibility. I might lose money, yes but it depends on the instruments I have in that pie. If they’re ‘reliable’, it’d be an unbalanced pie briefly but I might not lose money. :slight_smile:

@George Any timeline on exposing the API to us? And is it possible to do this with the API as of now?

How about “create watchlist from pie” and vice versa? I’d like to be able to see how the prices of the constituents of my pie are moving today.

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I’m afraid exposing user-friendly APIs is low on our priority list, considering the number of new features coming to AutoInvest and the core product itself.

Maybe a better solution would be to find a way to show the instrument prices in the pie holdings list.

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That sounds good. Presently in the pie holding list we see at the left “% / target %” under each instrument’s name and to the right under the value is displayed “total change (total change %)”. Perhaps a single finger press on some toggle button could change the displayed information to “shares owned” under the name, and “day change (day change %)” under the value?

The toggle press button could be the centre of the pie. On pressing at the centre of this circle, the numbers under the total value of the pie would also change from “total change (total change %)” to “day change (day change %)”.

I do like to look at the charts of day price changes that I can see in a watchlist. Therefore I am presently making a separate watchlist with the same content as each pie. It is a bit tedious to do, so I was thinking some automation of that could be nice.

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Hey george. Please could you add me to the pie auto investing beta as i missed out my email is

Hey there @brandon212,

You’re now part of the beta and you should’ve received a notification for joining. Enjoy! :grin: