Pie balance question

So lets say I moved funds (from a couple holdings) from normal to pie. Naturally pie will be imbalanced.

Now if I invest regularly into that whole pie (manually or auto) will it buy to balance accordingly over time or just buy according to percentage allocation regardless of moved funds prior

Also, does the “rebalance” option just buy or also sell?

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When you import you will be asked to reset the proportions to total 100%

When you rebalance it will carry out both buy/sell transactions

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By default, the pie will rebalance based on actual/target allocations. There is an alternative to use while under invest to a “Self-Balance” mode but that requires you to -as you guessed it - use fresh funds. It will put money in the in-balanced slices until they reach balance.

I had previously requested this but don’t know if it will be materializing as an actual feature.

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