Average Trade Volume / Time to execution

I like the idea of keeping things minimal, but think there is some key additional information that would be useful to a lot of users in the app, and help reduce the number of threads raised on ‘slow execution times’.

When looking at individual stocks to purchase on the app, as far as I can tell, the price shown is an indicative offer(purchase) price. The graph is also very useful as well to see history, but since we are limited to trading through 212’s contract with Interactive Broker, a key piece of useful information not available externally to users from another source - the average traded volume or how frequent trades are being executed on the IB platform specifically, should be added.

There are lots of threads on people suggesting slow execution times, but in reality this is mostly down to low liquidity in the market, or with IB. I think this additional information would be useful for potential day traders, and to also give people an idea if they are potentially buying a stock that is not very liquid on IB.

A breakdown of the average/worst spread could also be helpful in my view, but can take a general wider view from other sources.