Loads of delay on execution when markets open on american markets. why?

So I find if I am trying to buy a stock and the price has risen on the after-hours or rising rapidly on the open the system cant execute it. i feel like it won’t buy because the price has shot above what it thinks it should be. so far this delay has cost me 15% on the blackberry pump and a couple of other places as well. i also feel this would be smoothed out with access to after and before hours trading on the American market. Lastly, there is also a delay in the showing of current prices i am actually running IG graphs alongside 212’s platform for there accuracy and speed.

I don’t know if I should upload my next £3500 to 212 or take the hit on all the fees and go with IG. please 212 tell us there are improvements coming in this area

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yes. graphs are better executions will be slicker. i am forced for now to stick to 212 because i want to trade Gamestop and blackberry tomorrow but i think i will be moving mu us shares over there if that’s the case

Laggy graphs shouldn’t affect execution, price feed is generally indicative and isn’t an absolute reflection of the price you’d be filled at, especially at open when price is so volatile.

By the way, when your order doesn’t fill as quick as you’d expect at market open, is this a market order? Have you tried using a limit order? Sometimes I find this helps me, maybe worth a shot if you are having issues next time.

As ryan9921 mentioned, the price feed is indicative and does not define the speed of execution. A delayed fill of an order may occur due to different reasons:

  • The current liquidity structure of the venues that offer the instrument (and that are supported by our intermediary IB)

  • Order volumes - the market is extremely volatile at the opening and may create liquidity issues due to the substantial movements that occur during the first minutes of the session

  • Trading service - e.g., the SETSqx service of the LSE. We have discussed its specifics many times in the community, and more details regarding it could be found here. Since we are discussing US stocks, I am not going to expand further on this topic.

It would be best to provide me with specific instruments or order IDs (best case scenario) via a personal message so that I could take a look and provide a more specific and accurate response.

is your account in USD or GBP, if your account in GBP then IG charge 0.5% forex fee on every buy and sell in USD…