Aviva stock split - B share capital?

As you may know, Aviva issued a stock split - I had a notification from T212 that the stock split had been completed today, and as expected I now have around 24%ish less shares… however Aviva essentially bought them back by issuing B shares and selling straight away - but I haven’t had those funds.

Anyone else in the same position? I wonder if it’ll take a couple of days to filter the cash through…

According to dividend data website


Ha - thanks!

I stupidly assumed it would happen on the same day (like it did with Tesco)…

oh no worries, we all want the money asap :rofl:

FYI - Company payment date does not mean T212 payment date …there’s a bit of delay to expect :wink:

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Ahh ok this makes some sense. @Team212 do you also adjust the average share price of the remaining holding? My average on Aviva is higher than any purchase price I’ve ever bought at for Aviva

yeah, my average price seems to have increased - presumably in line with the sold off portion of my shares, which means I am seeing a loss. Technically that’s true, as I’ll get it back (with any gain) in the dividend return.

Doesn’t make for good viewing on my portfolio though!

It’s normal for the stock price to increase, given the 19-25 stock split and the decrease in the number of shares in circulation as a result.

In addition, we are waiting for an update regarding the announced Return of Capital Dividend. As soon as we receive the payment, we’ll distribute what’s due to all eligible shareholder accounts.

You can take a look at the official company release here: Return of capital to ordinary shareholders - Aviva plc

Using the Aviva own Calculator it does seem the value of my T212 holdings dropped below the “after” this might be a buy opportunity or am i missing a catch?

These are made up number not my actual portfolio but i have checked against my actual real numbers

Return of capital paid out by HL and Freetrade @B.E Can we have an update please

Was it the B shares on HL and free trade?

Normal dividend came through on T212 today

So, a quick update:

  • we distributed the ordinary dividend earlier today, which was 14.7 GBX.
  • we are yet to receive a Return of Capital dividend from our intermediary - once we do it’ll be allocated to each eligible shareholder account right away.

I’ll keep you posted.

Yeap i got the 14.7GBX, came in quite handy on weekend - I’ll be heading to the pub COB today :wink:
Return of Capital dividend when it arrives will re-invested back into my portfolio

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So how does this corporate action work. I have this stock on another platform (still waiting to join 212). My other platform hasn’t yet done the consolidation. How does this B shares thing work also?

Return of capital received :wink: :+1:

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@Zrtz You beat me to the punch, but yes - we’ve just distributed the return of capital dividend :white_check_mark:

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