Baillie Gifford [discussion] 📃


Interesting listen this:

James Anderson’s reflections.

As he prepares to stand down as joint manager of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, James Anderson reflects on the great minds that influenced his thinking

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Thanks. That was a good read. I’ve been looking into the Santa Fe Institute and Long Now Foundation as Baillie Gifford draws on their research. This Peter Leyden talk was fascinating:

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Long term investors: “Fascinating stuff.”

Traders: “Sponsored by Stripe. That’s bullish!”

My god SMT is taking a beating. I never thought we’d see sub 1000 again, let again sub 800. How low can it go!?

I’ve been aggressively DCA-ing from January and will keep doing it with in hope that in the next 10-15 years it will bring some nice returns.

SMT’s latest results here


Thanks, some nice light Sat’day morning reading!


I have got SMT in my shopping basket for now but its exposure to high euphoria over valued stocks like tesla and also exposure to high risky Chinese stocks is the reason am sitting on the side-lines.

If I’ve learnt any lesson from my Evraz is to be on the side of caution with some of these high risk countries - just my 2cents tho