Balance of ETF / Stocks

So I curious about what others are doing…

At the minute ETFs are about 60% of my portfolio; the rest is individual shares I like for a variety of reasons.

I’m in it for the long haul, just wondering how everyone else balances their portfolio!


Similar principles to myself actually.

Also in it for the long haul so I’ll only be adding into ETFs for a while.

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If we are just talking 212 and a split between ETf/Stocks, then I am 100% stocks.

If we can consider other platforms, and basket ETFs with other types of funds and Investment Trusts, then I am 90%/10%.

I’m 100% in collective investments nowadays. My T212 Isa is split 50-50 between passive ETFs and active investment trusts. It’s a lot less time/effort and my average cost’s only about 0.3%. I figure the likes of Tom Slater know an awful lot more about picking stocks than I ever will.

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