BAM Brookfields

What is the reason this stock has limited information relative to the standard information of other stocks?

Its missing all underlying financials and dividend yield data

You have to look outside T212 for this information where you normally have this withinnthe T212 app…


Thanks for notifying us. The financial data for Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) should be visible now. If you notice missing data elsewhere, please DM me :pray:

Same with Brookfield Corp as well (BN)


Fixed :heavy_check_mark: The details are now visible.

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Not sure if this is the right thread to ask but seemed related, I’ve noticed that stocks and investment trusts have excellent stats including dividend yield, etc but there’s almost nothing for ETFs, compare the British Land and iShares FTSE100, screenshots I’ve attached. Is there a specific reason for this and, if not, could it be changed?

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:point_up: This is a good shout.

The information for investment trusts could be improved too. It would be great to have details such as discount/premium, latest NAV, ongoing charges and 1-year Z-score.

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I agree, decent suggestion for sure, @1anrs! And in fact, one we want to implement down the road. I’m afraid I don’t have an ETA for you, though.

But I’ll make sure to share any updates as they come in :v:

@topher Currently, what we display for Trusts is the same as for other companies, excluding those particular details. They’re not included in the data we receive from our provider. However, I’ll pass your feedback along as well.

Meanwhile, you can calculate the NAV using the company’s Total Assets and Total Liabilities.

Hope that helps!