Bank transfer cash not arrived

Hi guys
I transferred some cash via normal bank transfer.
I still haven’t seen the cash hit my account.
Does this only work during business hours ?
I should say this was done on Thursday or Friday

Given Christmas holidays I would check your account again Tuesday/Wednesday, if not there then contact support in the app.

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As you said, might be for the holidays. I also would suggest using the instant bank transfers, almost the same as the regular bank transfer, but you receive the funds instantly.

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How long do normal bank transfers take?
I sent a test £1 over 3 hours ago. I bank with Barclays so I thought it would be instant. All details are correct.

Look in your CFD account that’s where mine ended up

I don’t have a cfd account but just made one and checked, not in there either.
Its under a different ref number so I wouldn’t have thought it would go there.

Strange. Log a ticket with support

Oh wait apparently it can take a few days someone was saying on here before

I did a test 5 dollars and it took a few days.


Would be interested to hear from other people who bank transfer often.
Taking more than a few hours for UK bank transfers is considered quite long.
I just submitted a ticket via the Contact Us in the app. Hopefully will be able to shed some light.

Just got this reply.


Thank you for your email.

Bank transfer deposits with our company can vary. We have two options. One is an instant bank transfer which would mean that the funds will be deposited through TrueLayer and they will be added to the account immediately. While the standard bank transfer can take up to 3 business days.

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Funds received.
£1 transfer took 21hrs
Sent at 2pm, received following morning at 11am

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