BBiG/Tyde shares

Hi - Do T212 have any information on how the TYDE spin off shares would work? Holding a fairly large amount shares in BBIG. I just don’t want to see another SPRT/GREE happening again. Thanks!

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unless there is an announcement or notification to specify otherwise, expect that all such events will be handled in exactly the same way as those before.


Thanks I know what strategy to have in place before the merger :blush:

I’m wondering the same thing, would love to get an official answer from T212 so I can prepare on what to do.

@Bogi.H @B.E @Hris.M any answer you guys can provide us on the BBIG/TYDE merger?

See official response:

Hey, everyone. :wave:

We’ve just implemented the stock distribution feature. There is a piece of additional information in the article here from our Help Centre.


Top work, well done.