BBY share price..?

So with a trading announcement coming up on Thursday, I am on the fence with this one.

An accurate PE has been hard to find. Still seems cheap. Strong Broker forecasts for the LT. Good prospects with the government plans on infrastructure spending for the years ahead.

After my research I am seeing this as a 50/50 after the trading announcement. I’m looking for smaller short term gains with this one. However I am bullish about the long term, but 50/50 on the short.

Any thoughts?

If the ticker symbol BBY means Balfour Beatty then yes i do own the stock and would keep for the long run.

BBY is poised to do very well with time not just because of government plans on infrastructure spending for the years ahead but also the shift is to move away from Titians like siemens to SME’s like BBY.

Unlike before public contracts tendering process are now designed to support SME’s, BBY are also on a lot of frameworks.

Macro economics are in their favour, the rest is up to them to make a success of it

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