James fisher & sons chart update

Why is this showing as 901p and down today on Google but as 920p and up on T212? H&T Group is also inverse between T212 and Google.

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This went up 32% then down 32% in an hour what the hell?

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Hey :wave:,

The drastic price changes recently are due to market volatility. Аlso, the chart on our platform is indicative hence the difference when you compare charts.

Additionally, we are receiving live prices, whereas other sources (e.g. Google) present the last trading prices.

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Thanks Bogi, the volatility wasn’t on T212 and I wasn’t complaining in that respect it was just very odd. I saw it on the investor section on their website as well as Google.

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This has been one of my greatest investment failure till date, 62% down over the last 1 year one year tho via DCA am on 37% down. Does anyone still have this stock in their portfolio or believe Mr. Market got this wrong?

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I do, my average is 799p.

I believe this is big overreaction to the bad debt. I believe the board just wanted to get all the bad news out of the way and it’s been overdone.

Yesterday they agreed to sell part of their business for 5mil which falls in line with their objectives of streamlining and improving ROC.

Director also bought 100k of stock in 400s…Skin in the game.

Also remember this company was founded inthe 1800s and services niche sectors in a growing industry.

Hold my friend.

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I wonder how much short interest position on FSJ :thinking:

Price is just ridiculous now, never saw it going this low. I’m holding average of about 769 I think.

Where do you think it will bottom out. Its actually encouraging the directors have adding to their positions recently at prices more than double the current level.

Trying to look at fundamentals as looking for another punt - it seems a bit weird the records I am reading that says the NAVps is 97p against total assets of 235m in the accounts this year, vs 196p on a 314m previous. There must have been a share issue I presume to raise capital?

I’ll have a proper look later as there are some good indicators to buy although this company is not in my area of expertise.

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They wrote off some assets maybe this would explain it. Don’t believe there has been a rights issue I’d have to check my notes. Looks way overdone to me and like you say Dougal directors bought heavy twice at higher levels. Also worth noting company is over 100 years old, operating in a relatively niche market.

No I can’t find one. I want to check their cash flows and how much used to come from the assets sold off. It would be good as well, not in the short term if they reduced dividends to build up a better working capital buffer, and a long term plan to reduce debts rather than relying purely on cash flow going forward. That’s what appears to be eating into their profits as their expenses are not particularly flexible with their revenue streams.

Theyre selling two ships that aren’t getting returns and in the process wrote down their value.

Their objective is to improve ROCE which we can see they are trying to do. They also sold some testing division not long ago, streamlinig their service. think at current MCAP if they can return to 36mil profit then their PE will be below 5…


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Widening over reaction now trading at 301p

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I’m going to do what I keep doing with this, topping up my holding by about 3-4% a month averaging down.

I’m not getting carried away but just think this price is non sensical.


22% upswing today with the Mozambique update, i can see things turning around as we enter the year.

Agree Michael, hang tight all my FSJ brothers.

For all my FSJ brothers I’m still holding. We might see a bit of a storm come month end but sit tight this ship has been in the game since the 19th century and has sailed many a voyage.

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