Bear Market Ideas

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I have been researching lately that the US stock market is in a bear market, due to the rising interest rates that the Fed are imposing. I note there is some interesting ETFs such as ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF that benefit from a decline in the markets. Do you kindly think it would be worthwhile investing in this please? Further does anyone kindly have any other ETFs or strategies to make money in a bear market please, i would be forever grateful for any advice you can give.

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In my opinion, the best risk/reward in a bear market is to just buy great business at a discount/fair price. Many companies that could be down maybe another 10-15% before its crazy town undervalued, but once economy turns round and valuations come back even modestly they will be 50-100% higher due to earnings growth in the interim years.


Imo check out the premium / discounts of well run investment trusts, against the dips in the market.

Markets tend to over react to good / bad news, however because investment trusts have a fixed pool of capital, can take advantage of that and hold good companies during a downturn in the market, or buy their own shares at a discount to their market value, and then later sell their own shares at par or a premium to market value.

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Which ones are you looking at at the moment?

Update: No need to reply, I just came across this post from you from a few days ago:

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