Bear Market Ideas

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I have been researching lately that the US stock market is in a bear market, due to the rising interest rates that the Fed are imposing. I note there is some interesting ETFs such as ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF that benefit from a decline in the markets. Do you kindly think it would be worthwhile investing in this please? Further does anyone kindly have any other ETFs or strategies to make money in a bear market please, i would be forever grateful for any advice you can give.

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In my opinion, the best risk/reward in a bear market is to just buy great business at a discount/fair price. Many companies that could be down maybe another 10-15% before its crazy town undervalued, but once economy turns round and valuations come back even modestly they will be 50-100% higher due to earnings growth in the interim years.


Imo check out the premium / discounts of well run investment trusts, against the dips in the market.

Markets tend to over react to good / bad news, however because investment trusts have a fixed pool of capital, can take advantage of that and hold good companies during a downturn in the market, or buy their own shares at a discount to their market value, and then later sell their own shares at par or a premium to market value.

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Which ones are you looking at at the moment?

Update: No need to reply, I just came across this post from you from a few days ago:

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Am not the youtuber but the video below sort of explains my “bear market” strategy - no advice

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It’s a lot of common sense though, but that said it is difficult to time the markets as to when each stage is happening.

Perhaps we can find some ETFs that cover generic market sectors, and then track them back over time to see if we can identify some triggers to switch from one to the next?