How Bad/Good your portfolio & strategy

With all the doom and gloom, i thought we could maybe have some fun and bounce of ideas from each other.

So the topic is how bad/good is your portfolio and what is your strategy?

Am on negative 16% and i have been drip feeding tiny amounts almost on daily basis. The rationale is that i don’t where or when the market will bottom.

All opinion welcomed :wink:

I would recommend “how to make money in stocks” by William O’Neil. Being in cash in a bear market has been stress free and can make plenty of money going forward when things get better

Depends on what time period your -16% is over. Since I started in 2020, my portfolio is up 56%, whereas if I was invested in the S&P 500 I would be up only 13%. See my portfolio here (better on desktop). Measuring against an index makes it easy to assess your performance.

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I trust that the quality of most of my holdings will ride this out well long term :sweat_smile:

Keep a good cash buffer so you don’t need to sell in a negative market, and remind yourself that it’s a long term game and why you picked your investments. If the rationale still stands, keep holding them.

The only reason I’m not buying more right now, is because I’m tempted to downsize slightly and go mortgage free in 2023. So without dipping into my emergency fund, I need to raise some additional cash for solicitors fees and all that nonsense.

Also, I’ve been enjoying life so I’m off :flight_departure: :world_map: the next few weeks, so need to fund that as well :blush:


Now that’s a wonder :thinking:
Ain’t your mortgage your cheapest overcollaterized debt?
Plus surely, with current inflationary environment, no way you’re not getting wealthier by the minute just by having an outstanding debt. (Relatively to not having it ofc)

It’s the cheapest debt yes, and house prices in theory should go up with inflation, but your debt will not. By downsizing I reduce leverage in property inflation, but increase my monthly free cash flow. I could invest more, or buy a second property. I could even rent out the spare room, to help finance the second property.

I would recommend looking into NextGen Energy ’ NXE’, I’m holding a healthy amount of stocks that I bought last Monday. In my eyes the stock have just completed 2 wave and we’re expecting to shoot into wave 3 (the longest wave).

As you might of guessed I use Elliott wave as a strategy which has served me well over the past 4 years. (2 years full time trading)

Nothing to do with house prices. Reducing debt cheaper than inflation is real net negative NPV, that’s all.

But cash flow is king, so your call truly.

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The businesses are doing very well, some of my favourites:

Boston Omaha
Tritax Big Box

And lucky me, they are all on sale if I want to own more of them (well aside from Unilever which is up for year).

Have some riskier plays such as GAN and SYME, but overall got some good companies in there such as Sylvania Platinum, JD Sports, Jungheinrich and Nintendo.

Hoping in the long term they do extremely well.

I also have Taylor Matitine Investments, which is apparently an inflation hedge as well as TriTax Eurobox (I wanted more exposure in Europe).

I am still with freetrade at the moment. Was with Hargreaves Lansdowne for everything. Still keep a sipp with them and a general account.
ISA up 8.11%over 3 months can’t go back to June when I moved to freetrade as it has me up 500% which I am fairly certain is wrong! Very wrong!
General account up 15.93 from June.
Reasonable happy
Having to make adjustments for the changes to dividend tax allowance.
Due to freetrades behaviour over what they consider complex investments, I have had to sell investments in my general account move money into my Hargreaves Lansdowne to buy investment trusts in the debt sectors. Buying shares that pay dividends as streamed interest, therefore taking advantage of the £5,000 starter savings tax allowance. As most in the sector lend based on base rates/floating rate, I also aim to take advantage of the expected increase in what they charge companies. The market appears to be ignoring this.
Also have to prepare for next ISA year. To many shares I want to sell and buy back in ISA so am buying most of them now after a major sale of some very profitable purchase early in the year.

Main changes were selling of investment trusts which had had there COVID benefits and replacing them with silly underpriced private equity investment trusts. Will probably continue this. Keeping in reserve NAIT and Murray International bought in crash but prepared to sell if some tasty bargains appear.
Murray and NAIT are both top of there tables . Moved to the top in the last 18 months.
NAIT will go first as most of its investments are S&P500 which is grossly overpriced. It (NAIT) escaped the falls to date due to its value bias but that can’t go on if the S&P falls big time. Inevitable in my opinion

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Curious on this. I can only think of three unless you are including venture capital trusts that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole?

3 trusts or 3 sectors?

I have 3i, HG capital and nbpe.
Also have petershill which is growth capital in the AIC sectors


No idea.
US market is still overpriced. The UK is not. In particularly the 250 index.
If the US market falls it takes the UK etc with it. But not as far. Look for markets that are like that IE reasonable priced to begin with.
Vietnam is my favourite single country. Low valuation, gaining from US China tensions. Even the Chinese are moving factories there. Cheap well educated populations. Young population. Lots of internal consumption. Low in inflation, low corruption.

3 investment trusts in the sector. 2 are large. Hence a bit of over supply so expect a discount.