Is the market about to go Bearish

I’m new to this but catching up with a lot of rappers and new. There seems to be a variety of crystal ball type advisors so not sure how big a pinch of salt i should take from the assumptions.

Just watching Bloomberg, some presents just predicted the US market is gonna take as dive due to impending recession, yet others say this is wrong.

Looking at history after a dive, we are talking about 3-4 years to recover?

Has anyone else noticed an increase of bearish reports?

We’re in a bear market and usually a Bear market will end with a bang. Not a good bang either.

Then the road to recover, leading to a lovely bull market.

Keep investing, keep your head, know that things will turn around. (Unless you are in meme stocks or plain bad companies)

Thanks. I might refrain a bit until the bang, then completely load up for the recovery

I know what you mean, Pillbory. If you don’t like what you read, just keep reading; someone will have written the opposite of what you just read.,…
Many futures seem to be on the cards. September is usually a “slow” month.
Oil gas and gold are doing well…

There are I think currently 4 applications to the US authorities to get crypto/digital currency etf’s approved. Oooh, how’s your FOMO?

Technically there’s no such thing as “refrain”, your pension is in the market :rofl: