Best crypto platform?

Hey, could anyone recommend me a good crypto platform to buy bitcoin please? As opposed to just CFD


PS. I am a complete noob at crypto and googling it gave me an overwhelming amount of choices to make between things I know nothing about - web wallets, hardware wallets, bitcoin vs bitcoin cash?

from the UK you can use coinbase and coinbase pro. my advice is to treat it like a volatile asset so think long term and average in small amounts… also DONT TRADE IT… everyone thinks they can and most only loose… just buy some every time you buy shares.


I have opened an account at a while ago. They do airdrops with crypto almost every year. Got some Stellar 2 years ago. You can exchange it to other cryptos on their platform. So I swapped some Stellar for Bitcoin.


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@Elcristoph @chantal thanks, I’ll have a look at both :+1:

I’d be curious to know what, if any, hardware wallet do you use, or is the web wallet enough?

depends… I use a ledger hardware wallet for cold storage… however I also keep some on my exchange…

I strongly recommend to study very well what is Bitcoin and the security mechanisms on how a wallet and the blockchain works before buying anything.

For starters, Coinbase + paper wallets are the best combo.
Buy there, send to your paper wallet and you are save. (while quantum computers are not cheap)


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Thanks. I thought storing your money on a piece of paper would be less safe than a pendrive though.

And what’s the deal with Bitcoin Cash

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Thanks. One is a safe way to store wealth and is a good replacement for gold and the other one is better for transactions and meant to replace, well cash. BitcoinSV… I don’t get. They don’t seem to serve the same purpose, but it’s still weird how now we have to choose between 3. I’d love to hear your opinions :smiley::+1:

I would suggest to stick to Bitcoin. It has the biggest market capitalization and popularity, so should be the safest bet. The future of cryptocurrencies is unknown, but it will definiteley play it’s role.


I currently use Coinbase and , both very single and easy to use Platforms has a wider range of features and coins over Coinbase

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just saying…


Stick with Bitcoin don’t waste time looking for new coins to buy, there are way to many if you don’t know what your doing and most by a massive margin are scams. Just find a cheap exchange and just buy a set amount every month or week as part of your wider portfolio and do not try to trade it. Almost everyone who tries to day trade crypto looses, just treat it like a high risk tech company that one day could change the financial system… but it may also not…


I was using Coinbase Pro and fees are 0.5%, over last two weeks my fees were $120
I’m looking to open Binance or Kraken account, any other alternatives?

Binance takes 0.1%, it can be even lower, so it really worth.

Revolut sucks nice 1.5% on buy, then 1.5% on sell. Daylight robbery. :clown_face: and swissborg…two great modern platforms

I use also but they charge high fees to transfer your coins to an external wallet :sob: (I prefer wallets where I hold my provate key)

Coinbase Pro or Kraken

Binance looks very good with one of the lowest fees. They were going to launch binance UK in 2020 which would be FCA approved. Doesn’t look like this has happened. Are they safe to use?