Negative rate costs to T212 and other free brokerages?

Does anyone (staff and non-staff) have any insight to what the effects of negative interest rates would be on free brokerages?

If banks start charging a monthly fee or passed on the negative rate, I would be tempted to hold the majority of my money in brokerages, both invested and uninvested. But I would guess that brokerages would also incur a cost on uninvested cash that would potentially be passed on.

Does anyone have better knowledge on this sort of situation?


Why a lot of people are now using crypto as a store of value

He means money stored by the brokerage which is not in crypto

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Crypto, and really any investment, is a bet against cash. But cash is still the base “non-volatile” asset. So I’m really
just trying to work out where would I allocate my cash type asset in a neg rate environment.

I’m guessing the ultra short bond etf, but I was wondering if uninvested cash on T212 would be a better option.


I know lol was just saying it’s why a lot of people are choosing crypto. Currencies will be devaluing soon enough with all this money being printed out of thin air for COVID-19.

In regards to funds being charged by brokerage, at which value and length of time will free funds need to be in your account before being subject to a charge?

I find it funny really.
The government and banks screw us over and use our money to line their pockets with juicy bonuses all while sending us running around in circles chasing our tails trying to figure out what to do with the money we save.

Can hardly imagine it really. PAYING to hand over our money.
Welcome to sub 0% interest rates for the foreseeable future.

Lol, all you can do is laugh really.
It makes me wonder if money even has a value at the end of the day.


For us? No. For the banks? Absolutely!! Cryptos will replace the banks sometime in the very near future!!

It really wouldn’t surprise me. I almost hope it will.

There was a brilliant talk done by Dominic Frisby on youtube. Highlighted a few cool points on how currency evolves over time etc, and made a good argument why crypto is here to stay and more than likely become the top dog.

Can’t be any worse than the mess we already have.
I mean just take the new UK bank notes … who’s idea was that plastic mess.

Bring on Crypto!

Also - how bloody typical the FCA bans crypto trading - but the likes of x3 or x5 leveraged products can be bought up by the retail crowd. They are WORRIED!

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Lol you think that’s bad? Try living in Northern Ireland where we’ve got 3 or 4 banks each printing their own on plastic :joy: lost count how much times I’ve mistaken a £20 for a £10

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no they won’t :rofl: far future perhaps.

crypto’s still don’t have mass-market appeal or access. too many people would not want their “money” to be held in the form of a ‘volatile’ digital currency. they expect to get back what they paid in and because majority of people still aren’t educated around the concept, banks will continue to be the favoured medium of storage for those who don’t know to withdraw those funds elsewhere. it’s going to take a long length of time or some great depression/ northern rock scenarios to shake more people confidence in the banking institutions.

you can’t pay your bills with a crypto :man_shrugging:


Good points under normal times, but look how many people have migrated over to trading that would otherwise not bother.
I think desperation and contempt for the “system” will create a new wave of investors rush to crypto in the same way they have this year to the stock market.

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absolutely, but thats still the minority of people so far. I tried to talk my coworkers into making better decisions with their money and out of over 40 I know, perhaps only 2 of us do any form of investment or hold our cash in a non-bank/non-physical currency that isn’t a workplace pension.

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You can indeed pay your bills with crypto :slight_smile: have been for the last 3x4 years. What people don’t realise is that although their money in the bank is still the same number they put in it’s becoming worth less than it was as the cost of living etc rises. Banks are still living in the stone age with its payment systems. Blockchain is being implemented by world banks to catch up. I’m a big advocate of crypto as it’s a p2p transaction without scrutiny, costs and timescales of trad bank

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You’ve also got stable coins to hedge volatility in markets should you think it’s gonna drop significantly. It’s worth noting btc won’t be the main player for everyday use, transactional use cases etc. It’s a store of value more than anything now. I accept crypto in my shop and offer a 5% discount for every purchase made using it.

its the public perception issue. people like the familiar and often distrust the new. the more we tell someone the sky is blue, the more they will lash out and argue its grey. when people hear crypto they think of bitcoin, ripple etc not the “stablecoins” which are essentially just digital currency that they are used to using except that it has no physical version for them to withdraw at the ever decreasing ATMs.

That’s the beauty of it all :slight_smile: trust the untrustworthy and discredit the future. I was doing a crypto event and having to explain crypto to a group of elderly was a challenge :joy:


Governments have a monopoly over money whatever anyone is saying

Brokers can not store clients’ money in crypto assets

Money stored as crypto and store of value are 2 different worlds xD

But I can totally see why people flee the fiat currencies

No you’d want to store them yourself in cold storage (offline).

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The crypto is a store of value in itself and personally speaking it’s a better currency to use than fiats