Best electric car charging companies?

What are the best electric car charging companies for long term investments?

Other than Tesla is there any atm? :thinking:

The only one I know is blink charging maybe that’s the only one

Blink Charging Co. - BLNK
Eaton - ETN
Alfen - ALFEN
Engie Group - ENGI

Lots of others but still private, you can take a look at those above, hope it’s gonna help somehow


There is VTIQ which just merged with Nikola and changed their ticker to NKLA. Also there is NIO from China.

Is the charger standard across all cars? As in, can this list of companies eventually service Tesla and whatever other electric / hybrid car is out there? Total electric car noob here.

Model is irrelevant afaik

Nio. It’s a Chinese automatic, driverless car that’s sold more than Tesla for 7 consecutive months.

It’s only starting to be recognised internationally and Goldman Sachs now rate it as a buy.

It’s made massive gains this past week and may reach $8-10 a share in July to August.

I’m a massive fan and believe it has a long way to go. It has a strong usp of battery swapping and also luxury SUVs.


I personally don’t like Engie, but only because 3 of their drivers have almost run me off the road on my commutes back from work :roll_eyes:

There’s Fastned, operates mostly in the Netherlands and has some locations in Germany.
They went public 11 months ago.

Within the Netherlands it would tick the box of Best Electic Car charging Company and definitely a long term investment. But they could surprise you, belly up or bulling up.
I don’t believe its available here for now.

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You can also get ECAR ETF ( iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology).

I checked this ECAR ETF, interesting.

It’s in dollars, but domiciled in Ireland. Is this normal? Shouldn’t it be in €Euro? I’m an etf newbie so maybe it’s normal.


It is normal for Ireland domiciled ETFs to be in USD. They can be in any currency, but are normally USD or EUR or GBP.


NIO rallied off the back of the hype on NKLA in my opinion. They’ve a very low market cap and I doubt they are going anywhere. You can make quick gains riding it up and down by buying in heavy on shares/CFDs but it really is a p.o.s. stock. Would you drive a Chinese made driverless car?

I totally disagree about Nio!! They have outsold Tesla for 7 consecutive months. They have a USP which is that they do battery swaps. Their growth was not off the back of Nikola it was because first of all, they smashed their earnings report the week before last, then last week they announced record number of sales in May. They already have plenty of orders and are upgraded to a buy by Goldman Sachs.

I know this company well.


And yes I would drive a Chinese driverless car and let me tell you why. Nio have just sent their new SUV to Israel where Mobileye, owned by Intel are testing. It is a much better 360 system than Tesla have and this is fact. Mobileye is used by other reputable brands too, Nissan, Audi it is the way forward.

Your comments are highly subjective… Mine are objective.

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Don’t want to barge in the topic, but this quote makes me wonder.

30% of World’s Manufacturing comes from China, With China exporting more than 35 billion $ worth of Car parts all around globe. Chinas Car production output equals around 28% of global output…

One could say that more than half of cars are “China” made… :beer:

Ps I invested in Nio as speculative position in my toddlers account.

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Nio rally was nothing to do with NKLA i don think, was because of the billion pound funding being upgrading and its sales its had

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Long on NIO here as well, surprisingly I’ve never even consider investing in Tesla which for many may be odd xD

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This might be a bit off topic but thanks y’all for nice suggestions. Haven’t even noticed said companies but I’ll be looking into NIO for sure​:+1::smile: