Why NIO is a must buy EV stock

  • NIO just announced partnership with Intel (Mobileye) to build a Taxi Fleet. Just imagine driverless electric vehicles in the future. Imagine driverless Taxies picking up people and dropping them off to their destination.

  • Brian Deese was selected to head the National Economic Council for the United States. For those that don’t know, Brian Deese is apart of Blackrock Inc. who owns 53,333,635 Shares of NIO.

  • Batteries could be swapped out in a few minutes. No other EV manufacturer does this.

  • Great looking vehicles (Check YouTube).

  • Excellent Customer reviews & feedback.

  • Will soon be profitable (faster than any other true EV company).

  • Amazing Q3 Earnings.

  • Will have amazing Q4 Earnings.

  • Lightning Fast Expansion over the heavily populated China.

  • Doubled vehicle deliveries over the past year.

  • The upside this has is unbelievable. It’s around $46 (Currently) but could ultimately be over $100 very soon.

  • NIO has tons of strong investors.

  • Quality Vehicles with a great battery

  • Many recently increased price targets.

  • Think about it like this, Tesla traded for just $38 exactly 5 years ago. Tesla rose to $2300 before the split and would have now had a price of almost $3000. This is the closest EV company to Tesla. I can see this going to $700 - $1000 easily. Be patient and holding onto NIO for a long time will pay off.

  • Finally this could someday be China’s very first TRILLION dollar company. Believe this because it can very well happen.

** Not to forget NIO is doubling the shifts in production for the EC6 this week to meet the demand as currently running on one shift per day due to COVID restrictions.

9th January 2021 folks mark it in your calendar is NIO day with a huge event in China that sold out I think in a few hours of offering. Watch what happens then :rocket:


I will start off by saying that I am pro EVs and wish for all cars on the road to be pure electric. Regardless if they are Chinese or German, I don’t care as long as the goal is the common good.

Now to NIO. Few things which are crucial to your bullet points.

*NIO designs and develops cars, they do not produce/manufacture them. Hence paying someone else to do this.
*NIO hasn’t reached any other market outside of China. Since they do not have any plans to manufacture their own cars, someone else will do this for them in the market they wish to penetrate. Hence money that needs to paid off to someone else
*Any FSD (full self driving) software used for example in this case Intel’s, is a 3rd party. Now combine 3rd party FSD with your designs as NIO and manufacturing done by someone else. Not cost effective and easy to do. People need to understand that FSD with over the air updates is not the same as how your phone receives updates. The car parts which interact with the software in order to receive over the air updates need to be integrated and work as an ecosystem. In order for this to work there will be more costs and adjustments in the future, since not vertically integrated.
*NIO is a Chinese company which took state money to survive, which is actively looking to pay back. I don’t care about that but look at Huawei for reference.

My thoughts on this is from an investor perspective. If you trade NIO then you will make money.


Good to balance the upside/catalysts with the risks. :+1:t2:

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How many times has the government bailed our banks out here in the UK? China is going green or at least cutting serious carbon from its country fast and, with the government backing of NIO they are offering subsidies for people to buy NIO so it’s a win win. NIO will be the Tesla of Asia and, I sincerely hope it hits the UK market as I’d love to own one :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood my point. The fact that the state (China) helped the company diminishes its integrity outside China. Hence why I mentioned Huawei.

I agree that governments all over the world bail out banks all the time. However not all countries are openly communist.

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I’d say there’s a case for both sides. Over the last 10 years, EV sales have risen from 17,000 to 7.2 million, 47% of which were in China. NIO is very competitive in EV space because it received support from Government.
Do not underestimate China. It its disciplined and strongly motivated player with ego and plan to become world’s leading economy. I do not say it will def happen. I just say they will try very hard. And us investors will benefit from it.

Only one problem.

Until A*****le trump is on Chinese stock case, its a serious risk cos I’m noticing now investors have zero risk appetite. They dump like no man’s business

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It’s on the pretence that they have to be audited by a US firm but, NIO is using PWC to audit their accounts so it’s unlikely they will get hurt by. That and the US institutions are holding big amounts so it would hurt them which Trump isn’t about

Cant even find NIO on T212 to atleast view the company

Don’t look on ISA :wink: it is not available, just CFD/Invest.

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New offering announced today so expect some more turbulence.

Am I the only one that’s noticed the nio stocks are plundering down slightly fast? 1 share alone has put my portfolio back by -5.50%…onwards and upwards…they better not be another Nikola :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Ive been telling people for ages, nio was a hype train. It’s dead. They will grow, but it won’t be any way near whats been happening with the stock.

In my view tho, it’s a garbage stock


I asked you this before, on what basis do you believe its a garbage stock? if it was a garbage stock Baillie gifford wouldn’t of bought into it. Let’s be honest Baillie Gifford know more about a stick then most of us.

I would get out of Nio while you still can, people make jokes about Teslas valuation after over a decade. What on earth has Nio achieved? Yet the valuation is fair apparently.

The difference between people hating Tesla and loving Nio is because they don’t want to part of something that’s already had great success (Tesla) so they believe by hyping up Nio stock when it rockets off it would have been all they’re idea and they were the ones that knew about it.
Unfortunately I’m with “most people”, it will tank and then tank some more while Tesla to a certain degree has a certain level of consistency about it that makes it a decent buy and hold. Owning Nio stock would make me hover over the sell button every minute of every day making it a stock I’d hate to own


as I said to the other guy if nio was such as bad buy they wouldn’t have had major funds buy their stock. its not an overnight hype. majority of people have nio and tesla. Maybe all the funds below are wrong then? They would be selling instead of buying.

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There’s only one on there that has a level of exposure I’d be interested in looking at as a buy and even then until I see the original buy price I’m not interested. They could all have bought at the start and be too far ahead to care

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@daindian that’s not the right approach to have where you share a list of old age funds which piled into NIO. The same question would be where were these funds when EVs were just starting and none of these were investing in them ! Don’t ever think that they know more than you do, especially in this day and age.

Please be careful with your hard earned money and do your own research. If they lose money that’s fine, they can manage it. If you lose money, impact is entirely different.


Here it goes, the beggining

-Dont worry, there’s no EV companies on this list*

Today’s the day we breakout on the upwards trajectory :rocket: $48/50 by eow