Buying US ETF in UK?

Hi, New to trading, literally getting started. I joined this platform to buy a couple of US ETF’s like VOO, QQQ etc but I cant see them in the list. Does trading212 only offer UK based ETF’s, any idea on how and where can I get VOO?

Also, as VOO is a US ETF, are there any tax liabilities or compliance issues I might face?

Any help will be much appreciated!

Thank you

Welcome to the platform. These funds cannot be sold to retail investors on a European platform. It is best to use VUSA and EQQQ instead. You will find the following article interesting to read.


Cheers richard, thats very helpful and explains alot.

I am looking for a long term investment, a small deposit each month, any ETF’s or other funds you can recommend or suggest I should look into?

No. Most ETFs in Europe are domiciled in Ireland and you’ll see a little “IE” symbol beside ETFs on the t212 platform showing this.

Where are you based yourself? Tax is something to consider. For example I’m based in Ireland so avoid ETFs completely due to tax laws and instead opt for investment trusts like Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and others.

Thats very interesting and good to know, I am an absolute beginner so just learning all this.

I am based in London and looking for a simple investment with a long term view to have some savings really, I opened an ISA acc on trading 212 where I was told there is no capitals gain tax?

Ok so forget about what I said with ETFs, you’re fine.

I’ll let somebody else answer with the details as I’m not familiar, but yes you are correct, UK residents can open an ISA account which allows no capital gains tax up to a certain value.

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There is no limit value for CGT on an ISA (that is part of the point of an ISA). The limit value for CGT is for non-ISA held investments.

Ridiculous. I can’t believe that exists. I need to get a British address.

Where does the 20k pound limit come into play. Is that for purchase of stocks in a year?

It’s £20k that you can added to tax sheltered accounts per year.

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lastly, can some one simplify, how does people make money in ISA stocks e.g if you buy VUSA ETF shares so when the share price goes up, the gain is your profit or does the fund give out an yearly profit based on the performance?

also what’s the different between an EFT fund and Index fund?

it goes up in “value”, and your account value is higher but it only becomes “profit” if and when you sell it within your account. You can then reuse that money to invest in other things without it counting towards the ISA limit. As this only applies to the initial deposit you made to buy the ETF. However, if you want to spend the money outwith your ISA account you would have to sell your ETF (ie. get your profit) and then withdraw the money you made. The money you initially deposited to buy the ETF in your ISA still counts towards the ISA 20k limit if you withdraw it after. Not important if you’re not interested in long term investing but is important if you expect to invest close to 20k a year.

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It’s almost worth picking up a British address for. Brilliant system.

cheers, make sense and very clear now. I am looking at long term but I doubt I will go to 20k a year anytime soon.

any advice on “what’s the different between an EFT fund and Index fund?”

Here is a helpful article:

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