Most wanted features Survey (Reloaded)

I have gone through the gruesome copy paste effort to update the old survey for most requested features, and shamelessly copied @Richard.W s additions consolidating similar ones into a single vote.

I have added additional exchanges as separate options since adding two different exchanges are vastly different jobs and if a particular exchange is important for you then vote for it, rather than “yes give me all exchanges in the world”

Also I’ve included UK tax efficient wrappers (SIPP/LISA/JISA) if there are any similar EU tax efficient wrappers please let me know.

Since there are a lot of options now, you can pick up to 5 from the list.

Most wanted features
  • SIPP
  • LISA
  • JISA
  • Option Trading
  • Stock Screener
  • Multi Currency Accounts
  • In-Specie share transfers to/from other brokers
  • Annual and/or financial year transaction and/or holdings exports (ie. CSV)
  • pies inside pies
  • Level 2 Data
  • Basic API for retrieving current positions/transactions/dividends
  • Advanced API that enables trading over the API (in addition to Basic)
  • Advanced order types in Invest/ISA accounts (stop loss, trailing stop etc)
  • copy/convert pie to pie / pie to watchlist / watchlist to pie (also between accounts)
  • Additional pie sorting options (name/result/current holdings/target holdings)
  • Display live exchange rates for commonly traded currencies.
  • Remove arbitrary restrictions in UI (right clicking/mouse select etc)
  • Remove arbitrary 95% of cash rule on limit orders
  • Improve contract notes with to/from currencies and actual TX share price
  • Facility to roundup or rounddown a fractional share holding to a whole number
  • Provide segregated views of holdings in the same instrument that are held in and outside pies
  • Ability to login to more than one sessions, including app/web
  • Limit orders for fractional shares
  • Implement a pop up warning that profit will be affected by exchange rate on the first occasion that a user starts to buy an instrument that is not priced in their base currency.
  • Improve search for stocks whose ticker is 1 or 2 characters. O, CL, FL, J etc are presently hard to find. Also ticker/symbol of a share should have a lot higher weighting than the text description while searching.
  • Corporate actions (voting rights etc)
  • If possible to do, all charts to be updated with full price history, not just the history since it went live on the platform.
  • VWAP and more advanced indicators. (VWAP is by far the most requested one)
  • Add Hong Kong(HKEX) Exchange
  • Add Toronto(TO) Exchange
  • Add Australian(ASX) Exchange
  • Add Tokyo(TYO) Exchange
  • Add Milan(BI) Exchange

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special thanks goes to @George for quickly bumping poll limit for us :slight_smile:


Quick question, is it possible to add each request url in poll so one can one click to topic with original request?

That sounds like torture :hot_face:


It is possible but yes it’ll be a bit difficult, also a lot of things here are mentioned in multitudes of different threads.

As a side note, I was not expecting HKEX to be in top 5! :open_mouth:

I would add:

  • Hide instruments in pies form the rest of the instruments
  • Ability to click and enter the instrument details within pies

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I can’t believe so many people are asking for a multi currency account, and so little for a LISA :pleading_face:


UK Resident -> Younger than 40 -> does not have property

just might be a bit niche for the community

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Don’t think people realise a LISA isn’t only for home purchasing, it’s also a retirement account you can put money into up to 50 and then withdraw at 60 with your 25% bonuses

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I do realise it but I think SIPP is better for that purpose, without consuming ISA allowance, where you can start withdrawing at 55 if you wanted to. LISA is unquestionably best option for a home buyer / morgage deposit tho.


Agree. Just speaking for myself, I personally wouldn’t want to risk messing about with the automatic 25% gains of a LISA. Just happy to have that immediate appreciation as well as interest (once that actually becomes a thing again!)

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I say why not both, surely you won’t need all your money at retirement. Use your £4K LISA Allowance and get that nice 25% and you can have it 5 years into your retirement if you do so at 55 as with the SIPP

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well if this question is specifically for me, I can’t have it anyway because I am over 40 :older_man:

automatic gains on SIPP is twice that tho :wink: if you are in the higher tax band, it says up to 40% but the way I am calculating it, it feels like 50%. If I invest 80 today, I get 20 extra immediately and 20 more after self assessment so 80 + 40 = profit :slight_smile:

There is nothing to mess up . They will add 25% of the cash you put into the account. Simple.

On a sepreate not i cant belive corporate action is not in the top 3 - people dont know how important that is.

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Exactly! 25%, that can then be gained on with share appreciation! So you’re getting a lot more than without it!

I’d like to, but it’s not in my top 5 out of the other features

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LISA is UK only, there is a lot of non UK folks around. :slight_smile:


Yeah true didn’t mean to offend anyone else, just SIPP is higher up and it’s UK only if I’m not wrong

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Level 2 please. (20)

The messing up part comes with choosing the wrong stocks and seeing your 25% gains wiped out. The market isn’t going to be like this every year so 25% gains on a 5th of your ISA allowance is a pretty decent return for doing nothing. I just don’t see the need to mess with that with £16k still left on the table.

Anyway. I’m merely justifying why I wouldn’t select the LISA option on that survey. Each to their own.

Yes SIPP is also :UK only, but I’m gonno guess it holds a lot more money for a lot of people (since it does not have the 4K annual limit) And if you switched a few companies inside UK you probably have pensions with quite a few companies.

it’d be nice to:

  • for people to consolidate all those pensions, in a low cost broker.
  • for T212 to get some lump sump transfers.
  • for T212 (if implemented properly) a completely new stream of income from corporate users.

and its already around the corner anyway :slight_smile:

… it will be the cheapest SIPP service on the market …

:point_up: me likes

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